Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Sale!

I thought I would share some holiday cheer, and end the year with a boxing day sale. I know I love shopping all the deals during boxing day (online of course, I'm not brave enough to go to the crowded mall lol); so I thought that would I would spread some of the 'sale karma'.

Prices have already been adjusted. So you can just go on ahead and shop! :o)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Warm Wishes

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope everyone is warm and safe this holiday season.

I forgot my camera cable at my new place (it's packed in some box or another - almost done unpacking there). So, I'm not able to post my Christmas pictures until a little later, when I can take them all off. I have pictures of two trees to share as well :) - the tree at my parents place, and the tree at my new place.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bluebirds and an update:

First I wanted to share a new painting - Bluebirds. I understand that it's more autumn-themed, and that season is very far done now (especially if you're living where I am, and getting dumped with snow). But, I had started this piece in the fall and have just only recently finished it. I just thought the contrast of bluebirds in a changing tree was beautiful. I love using complementary colours.

It's available in the shop for sale, but as mentioned in my shop announcements: only prints will be shipped until the 19th of December. All other items (including originals) will be shipped out in the first week of January. This is because once again I'm in limbo - I will explain below - and so I only have my printer with me, not my other items.

Now for my life update: I am done my clinical placement and school for medical radiation technology!! It was a long 7-8 years (I did a degree first), but I am now ready to tackle the work force. I still have to write a provincial exam in January in order to practice. But after that, I can freely work. And I am still considered 'graduated' from my school before that. So, I've been busy applying for jobs, just trying to line something up for right when I am able to work.

Being done clinical, also means that I moved. I now live in a small town near Whitby. It's nice. I'm in a house again - after living in an apartment for awhile, I'm excited to have floors and a backyard again. My stuff is moved already, but not unpacked. I'm currently typing this entry from my parents house in Northern Ontario. I came up here for an in-class review: the last little bit of my program. Tomorrow, I will be heading to my new place to try to unpack and organize before I head back up here for Christmas.

I know I have neglected my blog during all this. But time was tight to complete Christmas commissions and orders, study for my big exams, packing and tie up loose ends all at the same time.