Monday, June 30, 2008

Etsy went to sleep...

I hope it wakes up soon! In the mean time: has updates. Sigh.

My Itch to Stitch

My recent itch to stitch has begun to yield a pretty little piece. It's not done yet, so I don't want to share it yet, but I think you will like it. Well, I hope it will be liked. It's a little different, but good different I think, and it will definitely be limited edition - mostly for the fact that it is taking a tremendous time to complete and if I'm doing these all the time, then I can't be painting. And the only reason it's taking so long is because I'm learning as I go - I love projects like these!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I know I Can't Dance

I'm not a crazy hardcore fan of 'So You Think You Can Dance'; but I do enjoy watching it on nights that I catch it on. This week there was this dance that was just amazing, I loved it and I want to share it with everyone else! It's definitely worth a watch, and even if you don't think you'll like it - it's only 2:10 minutes of your life :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Itch To Stitch

Today I got a sudden urge; an itch to stitch.

So, in response I ran to the art store and gathered some supplies...

Let's see what I get out of this itch....

Word Play

So this afternoon I finished posting the rest of the "Bohemian" series of paintings:

I also posted another painting that I've been working on:

I have really been using words a lot in my pieces. It's a little odd as you see waves of trends pass through your work, not really noticing it until they've all been put together.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Etsy Love: Jessica Gonacha

I discovered today's featured and loved artist, Jessica Goncha, originally on Trunkt, but as I went through her portfolio web site, I realized that she was also on Etsy and so I absolutely had to make a post on her work!

Jessica, based in Atlanta, uses a variety of mediums to create her pieces, including (but I'm sure not limited to) use of India ink, lino cut block printing, gocco print, acrylic, collage and some digital. I can just image that her original pieces are full of wonderful textures.

Although these are not available in her Etsy store, Jessica also creates tables - which are my favorite of all her work - spectacular detail and wonderful color.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Surprise Revealed!

So I decided to list the series that I've been working on, got a little side tracked on (with the arrival of my new easel, graduation and trip home), and now I'm finally posting them!

"Bohemian Love" - 9 x 12" watercolor original painting

They're a series of three paintings based on the Bohemian Revolution (as presented in one of my favourite movies, Moulin Rouge). The three paintings follow the themes of: Love, Truth and Freedom. Tomorrow I'll be posting the other two :)

Also, in my dabbling, I created this painting:

I really like it, and it's the first painting completed on my art easel. It's tons of layers of beautiful blues. It looks so much better in person, brighter with more depth. So I will be working on getting a better photo of it (maybe I'll try outside), and then posting it on Etsy (my artbyangie store)

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Print: Bionic

I have just listed a new print in my artbyangie Etsy shop:

"Bionic" - Watercolor print

Artist Love: Alison Dare

I found lovely artist Alison dare while browsing on Trunkt and making a showcase :)

Top left to bottom right: Poppy Field, Fields pf Gold, Golden Whispers, and Land of Dreams

Her abstract scenery is gorgeous and so inspirational - it makes me want to go home right now and paint all day! (Work is over in t-6 hours...I can make it, I hope....)

Her work can be found at

Friday, June 20, 2008

Inspiring music: Suddenly I See

I was just randomly listening to, and this song came on. I like it and thus I will share it with you :)

Little Artists!

I was approached a while back by an art teacher who was going to be teaching monochormatic color and dot use to her class, and used my artworks as examples - I was so thrilled, excited and honored to see what her little artists would come up with.

She sent me a blurb for me to include in this blog:

"Second grade students at Rosewood International Elementary School in Rock Hill, South Carolina created paintings in the style of Angie! Students learned about monochromatic colors as well as other artists who used dots in their paintings like George Seurat, Roy Lichtenstein, and Aboriginal dot art to compare and contrast these fine artists in a class discussion. Second graders had a wonderful experience painting their dot trees while listening to music because we found out that Angie loves to listen to music while she paints. Here is our website if you would like to see more "

Christen Phifer,
Art InstructorRosewood International Elementary
Rock Hill, SC

They did lovely work and you should defiantly check them out! I've only included a very small sample of what they created. Young minds always create the most precious pieces :)

Etsy Love: Geninne

Today's feature is lovely Geninne from Etsy, based in Mexico City. Her mixed media pieces are truly unique, my favourite bring her series if birds perched on various forms of writing materials, such as postcards - known as her "20 birds" series.

Top left to bottom right: 17/20 print, 19/20 print, 7/20 Print, and 11/20 print

My favourite print is, by far, #17 of the series of 20. Her attention to detail on the pieces is remarkable, and her colour choices suit this series very well, connecting them all together. Hurry to get these beautiful prints, as only 50 of each are printed!

Geninne also has a lovely blog:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Inspiring Music: Carrie Underwood

I just adore the song, All American Girl by Carrie Underwood. I'm not American; Canadian over here! But it's just too sweet :) Unfortunately, I can't embed the actual video, because that's all be disabled on youtube, but here's one of her live:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I graduate tomorrow! Yippie!! Bachelor of Medical Sciences with a minor in Classical Studies....and then I'm off to school again. I get to hide from the real world for three more years! hehe.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Etsy Love: modernradar

Today's feature is modernradar - who's cards have been in my favorites for some time now; I can't even remember where I discovered this lovely Etsian - it could have been Pounce, or the front page, or just a random browsing day....who knows! hehe.

I think the Odd flora card would have to be my favorite - I adore ink on kraft-ish paper (chipboard in this instance I think)

Anyways, modernradar, aka Tamara and Daniel based in Durham, NC; has found such a wonderful little 'niche' in terms of their design style. I would call it eco-modern-chic; if that even is a term (but I put it with dashes, so it can't be wrong! Just not necessarily right...)

Modernradar also has a website and a blog

Friday, June 6, 2008

Weekend Project: Recipe Book!

On my way from the gym during my lunch break, I went past the on campus book store and had the most brilliant idea!

I'm going to compile all my recipes that I have tested, tried and loved into a blank hardcover lab book.

Thus, the result of this will be: recycling all the magazines that I am keeping solely for the recipes in them and I will not spend forever sorting through said magazines looking for a recipe. As well, I will have a recipe book of filled with stuff that I will actually eat - and it will look super cool! I have thought about using cards before, and have tried to get into the habit, but cards just don't have enough space for me, and once I use more then one cards then things get messy and disorganized. Pictures shall follow this weekend as I start working on it :)

I'm pretty excited :)

Inspiring Music: It's Raining Men

It's weekend time! And what's a more fun song then "It's Raining Men" from Geri Halliwell?! Although it's one of my guilty pleasures, I felt that this was a weekend to share it!

Etsy Love: Stepanka Ceramics

Today's feature is Stepanka from I discovered this wonderful artist when she was on the front page. Stepanka is a ceramic artist based in New York city.
From top left to bottom right: Centered, porcelain wall pillow; Girl and Flower, porcelain wall pillow, Looking back, porcelain wall pillow; and Porcelain cup.

Stepanka has such a unique style, I have never seen - or even thought of - porcelain pillows before; what a wonderful concept! Her artistic style blends well with her chosen mediums; creating beautifully textured and coloured artworks.

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Paintings in Shop!

So I just listed two paintings today :) More to come this week....I think it's obvious how productive I've been :)

"Little Cottage In La Petite Forest"

This once again relates to the last piece I did, La Petite Forest - the little trees are just too cute and I love creating them. I predict a few more paintings in this style still yet to come; and definitely a stationary set with them once the collection is complete!

"All You Need is Love"

This one is most definitely inspired by the recent movie, "Across the Universe". It's from one of my favourite scenes. I almost wish my love life was reunited like theirs...but that would mean a nasty breakup, and lots of I'll take my happy relationship, and just keep in my head the one in the movie hehe. I've starting to experiment with some text in some of my pieces...we'll see how others go...