Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cyber Monday Sale

-------Thank you everyone who participated in this sale - it is now over, Happy Holidays! :) -------

That's right! I'm having a Cyber Monday Sale!!! Here's the juicy details:

Buy any 2 items, receive your 3rd item FREE! (Free item must be of equal or lesser value; and original paintings are not included as free items). Please state your chosen free item in the notes to seller during check out.

You can combine items from both my store and my store.

Happy Cyber Monday shopping!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Little things

Sometimes little things make days better. Today wasn't a bad day, but this preventing anything bad from bothering me:

This was what my Timmies cup looked like when I got it this morning - I didn't even notice until I came home. It's cute...poor guy, I didn't acknowledge it because I didn't even know until later. Even then, my hunny is cuter than a coffee smiley face. The coffee kid has skills though ahaha.

It was cute...just thought I would share :).

And The Winner Is....

(I know this announcement is long over due...)

Blogger Diana Dang is the lucky winner of the Poppy pendent collaboration piece that I did with Fanisong.

I used a random number generator, and she was lucky number! The original entry can be seen here.

Another contest will be announced after the holidays. I think this contest, for it being my first, went pretty smoothly. If you would like to keep updated, please join my mailing list where contest, discounts, new items and more are announced. The newsletter goes out to your e-mail no more than twice a month. Either leave a comment with your e-mail address, or sent me an e-mail:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pretty Dresses

I wish I had fancy Christmas parties to go during the holidays, then I could splurge on this beautiful dress:

As a side note: school's been crazy, so my blogging habits may slow down for a while. I've also been getting lots of commissions too (yippie, and I can definitely take more - *wink wink*), so that is also keeping me from my online blogging.
But it's definitely that time of year - increase school work because the semester is ending and they're trying to stuff in whatever subject material that they have to teach because they spent too much time on one thing or another, and increase retail because of the holly happy holidays! :) I'd much rather have 3 times the increase in retail and drop the increase in schoolwork...but I'm sure that's what everyone would want :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Let it snow, Let it snow...

It really snowed today...the not going to melt until spring-sort of snow (hopefully, fingers crossed). I love the little snowflakes, and I knew I'd find some lovely snowflake-themed pieces on Etsy, so on I searched and this is what I found and loved!

These Schneeflocke Crystal and Sterling Earrings, by StoneyMistDesigns are so sparkly and pretty.

These precious Snowflake Soaps by anniepoo, are scented in a refreshing 'Fresh Snow' scent. Mmm, nothing smells better than snowfall.

These Antique Snowflake letterpressed greeting cards by subtleglances are sure to make an impression on their recipients. The design of this card is simply beautiful, not to mention the texture.

This lovely piece of art, Snow Covered Roof, by thecyclingartist is exactly how it will look when I look outside tomorrow morning (I'm in an apartment, so I see a lot of roofs).

Hopefully it's going to be a frosty, snowy morning tomorrow!

The Blower's Daughter

Not only do I love the movie, Closer; but I also love the soundtrack. My shuffle on my mp3 list pleasantly surprised me with the song, and I remembered how much I had loved it. I just had to share this love with you.

Kitty Khristmas

This would be perfect for Oreo this holiday season. It would look so lovely with his black and white fur :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

If you're looking...

For those who know me enough to "gift" me for Christmas....who just happen to read my blog (you know who you are). I may be fancying this lovely locket by ButtonEnvy on Etsy, and I may have my fingers crossed that it will be under my Christmas tree this year Hint Hint

Love Birds Locket by ButtonEnvy

For those who read my blog, but don't personally know me - I still love sharing this beautiful find with you :)

Ps. I honestly don't know who of my family and close friends read my blog, so this is defiantly a long shot hehe.

2009 Jellybeans Wall Calendar Revisited

So, as I mentioned in a previous blog post, I had wanted to retake my pictures for my 2009 Wall Calendar, so the listing is a bit more attractive. And here is one of them!

The shots are more interesting than before - and I had a more sunny day today to get some natural light into them. The puppy in the picture is my dog Belle, who passed away two summers ago. I thought, Oreo was having so much of the spotlight, Belle still deserved some!

If you want to see the rest of the shots, you'll just have to see my listing!

On an update: Oreo appears to be okay after his ribbon eating accident. I'm still watching over him just in case.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I decided - on a whim, of course - that I was going to get back into journaling. I have books filled from high school and from my early university years. I love going back and reading what silly things I did and thought. I had been looking for a journal for awhile. I had it narrowed down to a moleskine style of journal. They're nice and thin (easy to throw in a bag somewhere), stylish and I could either decorate my own or purchase a decorated one.

Since I had a good week on Etsy, I thought my first one I would 'splurge' a little, and get a predesigned moleskine as a treat to myself. I had seen shoofly's moleskines before and really liked it was just choosing a size, design and paper type (they come in blank, lined and graph)

I was also swamped in tests and assignments this week (hence my absence from my blog) so this is a good reward for all my hard work.

I really liked the design of this notebook, it's really cute. I choose the large size mostly just because the extra large was too big, and the small was too small. Plain paper of course so that I can other journals were always lined, I think I'm going to like not having that restriction. Although, I was tempted to try the graph paper moleskines - they would be interesting to work in!

Now, I just have to wait....wait....wait for the postman to bring me my journal :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kitty's and Ribbon

Kitty's and ribbon don't mix. And hence, Christmas and Kitty's don't mix. My kitty, Oreo has recently showed an interest in ribbon (fabric, not plastic kind; thankfully!)...and so I would play with him with pieces of it, but I always put it away after.

Anyways, so we were playing last night and I turned my head for not even two seconds, and when I looked back again, the ribbon that was almost two feet long only had 2 inches left....The silly cat ate the whole ribbon in record time!!!!! He looked so proud of himself too! Grrr.

So I called me mom and looked around online. It can go bad; but I've read that most cases it passes - or they throw it up; so he'll likely be ok - I just have to watch him carefully. It's fabric, not the plastic kind of Christmas ribbon so hopefully he'll be ok.

He looked fine when I left for classes this morning, so hopefully he'll still look the same tonight. :( Fingers crossed.

That's the last time dear kitty gets to play with ribbon.

Friday, November 14, 2008

On the farm...

I listed a new painting today in my artbyangie Etsy store:

I really like this style, and it was fun to do. As you can tell from the heading under the painting, there is potential for a series. I really like doing canvas work, it always looks so nice hanging up - and there's never any need for a frame! Now, how easy does that get?

Shipping Upgrades!

I decided that I would offer Shipping upgrades to Xpresspost for this holiday season:

There are two upgrades, based on what you purchase. Prices are listed under the shipping costs, so people do not get confused with listings for different countries.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wish Magazine

I know this happened a long long time ago, but I had always meant to share this with everyone! I was approached last year to paint a piece for Toronto based Wish magazine. It was published in Jan/Feb 2008 Issue - my first published piece!

It's that time again!

It's that time of year again - the Christmas season is among us! For most, it won't start until December, but for those shopping online - the sooner the better. You don't want anything to be late in the mail, and the sooner you get it, the sooner you know it's safe in your hands (and on time!).

Today I'm featuring these lovely snowflake oraments by LovingLeeCrafted on Etsy. These ornaments are made of birch discs, giving them a beautiful rustic look. They are hand painted; each ornament has it's own little touch and love put into it.

These ornaments also come with snowmen and mistletoe designs!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Introducing Jellybeans' 2009 Calendar

I decided a little while back that I was going to release a 2009 calendar featuring my work. Having never made a calendar, it was quite the undertaking; but I hope you agree: I think it turned out great! My 2009 calendar features many of my art prints, and I have chosen 'significant' prints for months that have a little extra meaning when I could. For example, I choose the "Mother's Daughter" print for May, the month for Mother's Day. I choose the "Poppies" print for November, to celebrate and remember the lives of those who had fought in the wars. And of course, "Red Christmas Tree" for December. Just to name a few :) What a cute way to enjoy the 2009 year!

And surprise to my faithful readers! This is the "secret" project that I have been working on :)

The calendar is currently available in my online store:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Metal heart

MetalheartDesigns on Etsy is a lovely jewelry store. It must have been fate that I stumbled across it, since it's name is the same as a favourite song of mine: Metal Heart, by Cat Power. I have a few pieces that I want to share with you from this lovely shop, since I couldn't pick just one :)

Ghost World Earrings
I love modern earrings, and these would go with anything I wear!

In Bloom 3 Earrings
The flowers on these earrings are so pretty and pink.

Triple Scoop Earrings
The colours of these earrings are gorgeous and so rich!

Everyone Likes Variety!

My hunny and my mom made it clear to me, that people like variety, and suggested that I make a mixed pack of cards - why didn't I think of that before? (It's always the obvious things that sneak past me lol)

So, I just listed the variety pack! I think I'm going to redo the pictures, but I need some sunlight for it and the was overcast and snowy today - and Christmas is getting closer by the days! I'll list now, so it's there, and fix when the sun is on my side :)

I definitely think when I redo the pictures for this listing: the red Christmas tree will not be so's taking over the picture! hehe.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Painting: True Blue

I finished this painting this weekend, and just listed it in my Jellybeans store. I love the concept of loyal, true-blue friends that are with you until the end. These four trees have been together for awhile, and still stand by each other.

In love with a T-Shirt

I want this t-shirt. I'm in love with it - it's just too awesome!

Womens Tool Stripe T-Shirt

This shirt is by luchaworkshop on Etsy, a store with fab pieces just like this one for both women and men (even undies!)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

SNS Sale tonight!

I've decided to hold an SNS (Saturday Night Sale) in my two stores: and

Free set of Christmas Tags with every order!
(as seen here)

Just type SNS sale in the "notes to seller" during purchase, or convo or e-mail me.

Purse Obsessions

I won't say all, but a majority of girls I'm sure have either a shoe obsession or a purse obsession; or some sort of girly obsession. :) I definitely have a weakness for cute purses and shoes.

I love this purse by oktak on Etsy. The colour / fabric used on this purse is simple beautiful; it would wonderfully accent with an outfit of a white t-shirt or tank top and jeans - a nice "low-key" outfit, to keep the attention on this beautiful purse. The inside of the purse has a lovely polka dot lining...but you'll just have to check out the listing to see it!

Ants on a log..

Well, there aren't quite ants on these logs...but this print by GollyBard is just as good as the childhood snack!

Friday, November 7, 2008

So Delicate (his and hers)

I love this scarf by toybreaker on Etsy. I can't even remember how I found it, but it's won a place in my favourites.

Poppy, bronze and cream hand silkscreened woven silk scarf

The texture of the silk is so lovely and delicate, and the silk screened poppy's add a perfect accent to the scarf without overdoing it and taking away from the silk's beauty. The craftsmanship presented in this store is remarkable!

Toybreaker also creates lovely winter neckties for men, I had to share them since they somewhat match my background, and they're too wonderful to not share:

Flakey. Winter snowflake screen printed necktie.

So there you have it, something for her and something for him - one stop shopping at it's honest finest.

Delicious Quilts! Mmm

I thought I'd start this morning off with some wonderful quilts that I discovered from very talented Etsy artist, CarolinaPatchworks.

It was her Farmer's Market Dots and Blocks Quilt that originally caught my eye, but alas, it has since sold :( I'm not surprised though, it was truly lovely!

But I will share some of her other quilts, that are definitely just as beautiful!

Looking for Breakfast featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar Fabrics (Pattern)

I really like the Hungry Caterpillar quilt, it brings back memories of reading that story as a kid; it's unfortunate that only the pattern is left in her shop. The Wacky Farmer quilt is juts beautiful with all the bright colours, and I'm a huge fan of pink and green together - the two most wonderful colours together!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I think it was a bit of procrastination from my studies, a pinch of loving the rabbits, and a tad of not being fond of the latest redesign....but alas, my blog has been yet redesigned again. There will be tweaking this weekend, since I'm not 100% about it :)

Contest winners will be announced this upcoming week! Stay tuned!

Count down the days...

... to my new product I'll be releasing in my shop. (Hint is in the title!)

Alice in Wonderland...

I love this print, Recruiting A New Alice in Wonderland, by tartx. My first Etsy purchase was from tartx, way way back in February 2006. It was an Alice & Rabbit Vintage bottlecap pendent.

What can I say, I love the story!