Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pretty Dresses

I wish I had fancy Christmas parties to go during the holidays, then I could splurge on this beautiful dress:

As a side note: school's been crazy, so my blogging habits may slow down for a while. I've also been getting lots of commissions too (yippie, and I can definitely take more - *wink wink*), so that is also keeping me from my online blogging.
But it's definitely that time of year - increase school work because the semester is ending and they're trying to stuff in whatever subject material that they have to teach because they spent too much time on one thing or another, and increase retail because of the holly happy holidays! :) I'd much rather have 3 times the increase in retail and drop the increase in schoolwork...but I'm sure that's what everyone would want :)

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Cristal said...

Nice design..! Chadwicks has an awesome collection of pretty dresses.