Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New! Family Tree Prints!

I've been pretty excited about this idea - I just needed to create all the painted elements, put them together and fill one out for myself :)

I had been pondering this idea for awhile - trying to decide how to go about it. I wanted to create an affordable way to offer a family tree to those who may not want an original painting. As well, with my new job ( Yippie!! - Medical Radiation Technologist at Grey Bruce Health Services...Eeee!) I won't have the time to accept as many custom orders as well.

So I created a series of trees, with spaces for families ranging from 4-8 persons. This is a great gift idea for family members and weddings. As well - make it a family activity: get each person in the family to write in their own name. Right now, I'm only offering the one design - with various numbers of 'name places'. I will create more as time permits and as needed. You can find them in my online shop on Etsy:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Original Paintings on Sale!

You read that right!! The Oil and Acrylic paintings in my shop are on sale - 25% off or more!! Now's the perfect time to get some new colour into your house - just in time for all those summer and spring parties!

Just go to my shop:, and go to the 'Original Paintings on Sale' section - they are all there, and all ready for new homes!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Herb Gardens, Jungles, Pink Forest and Bunnies

Just a little painting update to share with everyone :) I've been working on integrating animals into my paintings more, trying to create some more realistic watercolour paintings and lastly using some light collage techniques in my work. "In the Jungle" - 12x16" watercolour

I've always wanted to put some jungle animals into my trees - it was just trying to figure out the best tree to put them in. I think the trunk here works well. "Thyme" - 7x10" watercolor

Here was my attempt to work with the 'botanical' sort of watercolour piece. It's not completely 100% realistic, but it still has some artistic expression in it, which I think is important in a piece."Spring Bunnies" - 7x10" watercolor

This will be my favourite of this update. I think the collaged piece of paper is just so different from my other pieces, and fully represents spring perfectly! Plus, you have to love sleeping bunnies.