Saturday, May 31, 2008


It's been a pretty nice weekend so far - a wonderful thunderstorm this afternoon, so now outside smells so refreshing! Lots of painting has been done, and lots still to go! I have some commissions to get done, as well as some works for the shop. (Ps: huge update this week! Keep checking the store, because items will be listed throughout the week)

My little plants started growing inside - they're pepper plants, I hope they reach to the point of producing peppers. My garden outside has taken another hit from the Squirrels....I was suggested to try bone meal, so I'll be getting some of that later this weekend, and replanting my beans and carrots. Don't they look just gorgeous peaking out of the soil?

Lastly, my brand-spankin' new art easel came in this week! It's all set up pretty in my room right now, and I'm already using it:

Etsybloggers Feature: Cozy

Today, I'm featuring lovely Etsyblogger Cozy from Etsy! Each month, the Etsy street team, Etsybloggers, picks a seller to feature for the month, and Cozy was the lucky Etsian this month! :)

Cozy, aka Kathy, is a talented Etsian based in Arizona. Her shop is filled with lovely goodies, but I especially adore her dish clothes. I personally have a small pet peeve with (erm, excuse my mild vulgarity) crappy dish clothes. Handmade ones just work better in general, and stand up to a lot more....they are built to last!

Cozy also has a blog at Go check it out! :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Etsy Love: Pretty Scruffy

Today's feature is Pretty Scruffy at Pretty Scruffy, also know as Abigail and Bryony, are two wonderful people from the United Kingdom. They sell a variety of objects, and it's hard to 'label' their style, but looking at their store, everything fits together. It's like a vintage pastel meets modern pattern - or to me at least.

I think my favourite about of the bunch is the Pansy Posie necklace! It's just so gorgeous! :)

Monday, May 26, 2008


So I'm back from Toronto! We got back late Sunday night, and then decided to cozy up and watch "Into the Wild", great movie by the way!

We did so much! Jays game (with all you can eat - what a great experience of a first time game!), hung out at a Torontonian's place (friend of ours), wedding, the Royal Ontario Museum and dinner.

Tons of pictures...I will be posting them later this evening or tomorrow, after I've been able to go through and edit them. The one I'm sharing is from the wedding. Overall: Great trip! I can't wait to do it again!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Toronto Time!

I'm off to for the weekend (better known as wonderful Toronto)!

The most I've ever been to Toronto is to take the bus and transfer there. So this is the first time I'm actually visiting it! Yes, I know major sheltered life here. Plans are: Jays Game, Birthday Bash, Wedding, and then either the Royal Ontario Museum or the Hockey Hall of Fame (fingers crossed for dinosaurs!). I'm positive fun will be had at all! It's also my hunny's birthday this weekend too! So the trip is a semi-celebration for him :) I have the best gift for him! I wish I could post it now...but it's got to wait. I'm not sure if he checks here, and I don't want to ruin the surprise!

I'll be back Sunday night or Monday morning...I'm not sure what the computer access situation is - so lets just assume the worse; complete inability to access Etsy. This is going to be hard!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Etsy Love: yellowcanoe

Today's featured shop is yellowcanoe, aka Erin, from I just got out of a chat room on Etsy where she was hanging out, and that's how I discovered her work (never under estimate the power of the chat room hehe).

My absolute favourite would be the art piece, We All Have Our Differences, and then the Raw coat and scarf rack....and then the know what, I love everything in this shop! I wish I could've just posted everything in her shop on here hehe, but then again, you can always visit her shop and see for yourself :)

Yellowcanoe, Erin, also has a blog that you can view:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Inspiring Music: All You Need Is Love - The Beatles

This song has been played over and over and over tonight...I started really listening to The Beatles after watching the movie, Across the Universe.

I've posted the clip from the movie, instead of The Beatles, because it's my second favorite part in the movie (first being, "I've Just Seen a Face")...and I love what happens during the song. I just smile every time I see it. It's like the perfect moment (minus the heartache that brought the characters to this moment, but never mind that)...and that Jim Sturgess is great!

Etsy Love: handmadeheavendotbiz

I found this wonderful glass artist on the front page of Etsy. Handmadeheavendotbiz, aka Steph, is based in the UK. Her colorful pieces are stunning, and she offers a variety of both jewelry and housewares in her shop.

Top left to bottom right: Cherry Mint Spots, coaster set; Latticeware, decorative bowl; Oberon, fused glass cuff links; and Citrus Zing, coaster set.

My favorite piece are the Cherry Mint Spots coaster set; blue and red were definitely meant for each other!

Steph also has a blog where you can read up on her daily dabblings:

Friday, May 16, 2008

Etsy Love: Andy Mathis

Today's feature is Andy Mathis, at Etsy. Also a veterinarian, his pieces of animals are stunning! I'm also memorized by his technique, it's very identifying and gorgeous. He works with watercolors, but I'm not quite sure how to get the paintings he does.

My Favourite pieces would definitely have to be his animal pieces, although his still life work is equally as stunning.

From top left to bottom right: Grey Tabby Cat, print; Retriever Puppy, print; 3 Red Pears, print; Green Apples, print.

Andy also has a blog: where he writes about the goings of his life and work. What I feel makes his blog especially valuable, is that he posts about animals in his clinic that need new homes. Having adopted my sweetpea kitty, Oreo, who was abandoned and then picked up - I especially know how much orphan kitties need new homes and love. Oreo sat in his shelter for over 3 months, sigh, he's the most precious kitty ever - with quite the human personality, but he was an adult and not a kitten - and not many people take up an adult over a kitten; especially not a long haired adult.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Website Redesign

So, it's summer time once again; once again I'm in the design-mode. So, to fill that void - I've decided to redesign my website, . It will be a long, grueling process I'm predicting - mostly because I'm going to try and throw some Flash in there (easier said then done!). I will let you know when I'm done, and the will be cute and match my store more when I'm done; I promise.

The painting on the side there is an old painting; I just wanted to have a picture in with this post :) It was my very modern rendition of Klimt's style.

Pounce Feature: Jen Kennedy Designs

I haven't done a Pounce feature in a long time...but I found the perfect to store to start them going again!

Jen Kennedy Designs on Etsy is an artist who signed up yesterday! She's incredibly new, but her work is amazing, and I can't see it taking too much time before she becomes established on Etsy. Currently, all her listing are original artwork - working mainly in acrylic, but there is come collage on some of the pieces as well.

Since this is an incredibly new artist to Etsy, I can imagine that she'll be adding more to her store soon - this is one store that you'll want to "heart" and check on a regular basis!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Item - All Together Now

New painting - yip yip hurray! It's currently listed in my Jellybeans shop. I have a series of four coming soon; only one is left and then the series is done and will be posted. I have custom paintings that I am currently working on though, so it might be a little while until its done. The series is kind of a surprise, because it's a little new. Until then, please enjoy "All Together Now" :)

Note on the last post: I did purchase the painting easel mentioned. I can't wait to receive it! It's funny, because after shopping around locally, was cheaper - with customs, shipping and everything included - it's pretty awesome, I would give it a look if you're looking for supplies!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Items: Handpainted Moleskine Cahiers

I just got these little moleskine cahiers last week, and I already have some painted up! Two of them are in my Jellybeans shop on Etsy, the Retro Tree and Apple Tree ones. But I have some more that I'm going to list later this week, and some more books to dazzle up.

They are just the perfect size to put anywhere! I sneaked one into my purse right when I opened them, and I've been using it for my grocery lists and any other "reminders" - it's great! And, to make it even better, these cute little books have a pocket in the back for loose papers (grocery and other receipts for me), and the last 16 pages are detachable - meaning if you need to write a little something for someone, you don't have to rip up you book - the pages willingly come out! Sweet, isn't it? I'm not sure yet if these will become a regular piece in my shop - so I can't promise that they'll be around later! As well, I will take requests for custom covers :)

On a side note, I've been looking at getting a new painting easel; since my cheapo 20$ one from a couple years ago is on it's last breaths (I'm currently using tape to keep it together). So I thought, I'd get a really nice - use for forever, long term - art easel.

Currently, I'm considering the Academy Lyptus Lobo Easel from It's made from Lyptus wood - which grows faster then other trees (ready for harvest in 14-16 years, opposed to 60 years), and new trees sprout from the stump of previous trees - so it's a eco-friendly choice; not to mention the price is definitely right!

This easel in particular, converts so that it lies horizontal - which was key for me, since I do watercolor in addition to oils and acrylics, and watercolours are hard to manage on a vertical service hehe. Isn't it preddy? :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Painting: Ready for Change

I just posted this painting in my artbyangie Etsy store.

This tree reflects changes that are coming to life. Everything in life changes with time, and there's nothing you can do about it. Sometimes this change is wanted, and sometimes these changes are hard to deal with - but regardless, change becomes accepted once you're ready. Sometimes you just need time to get ready.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Etsy Love: JDavisStudio

Today I'm featuring the lovely work of JDavisStudio from Etsy. His little house pieces captured me the minute I saw them! It's like wearing a little village on you, and it would make the perfect cutesy gift for a homesick friend :)

Top left to bottom right: Tiny House Necklace, House Ring, Tiny House Ring and Tiny House Earrings

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Etsy Love: Vintagechickdesigns

Today I'm featuring vintagechickdesigns, from Etsy - aka, Jeremy. I had favourited this shop a long long time ago - it was one of my first few favourites :)

As you can see, I'm a fan of her cameo pieces, and I think her little love note in her necklace is adorable! I won't lie, it was really difficult trying to pick four of my favourites from her shop. There is an amazing amount of detail in each piece, and most - if not all - of the chains have a few beads Incorporated to add interest. Although her pieces have a vintage feel to them, they would pair up wonderfully with chic modern clothing, creating an original essence.

Jeremy also has a blog,

Monday, May 5, 2008

New Painting: Daddy's Little Girl

Wow, two updates today! Who would've thought? (well, I secretly knew all along mwah haha). On the topic of secrets, I have two secrets, which will be revealed in time! One I'm almost done and the other one will be started in a couple days.

Daddy's Little Girl, Original Watercolor Painting

I love this painting, the two trees are holding hands :) Enjoy!

Etsybloggers Blog Carnival: Spring Bloom!

So spring is in the air, and it is indeed here to stay! I've actually decided this summer to do a little garden in my backyard - mainly to help save on my grocery bills with some easy to grow fresh veggies, but also to have completely fresh veggies and know what's been on them :) Given that the rabbits don't eat them all!

So, since the theme of this blog carnival is spring bloom, and I'm gardening, I'm going to feature some "garden" products from Etsy!

Top left to bottom right: The Windowsill Herb Pot, TheBumbleBeeStudio; Herb Garden Plant Markers, NinaGibsonDesigns; Turquoise Flower Pot, boneyardpottery; and Green Bud Vase, Dovecotedesign.

I absolutely adore the windowsill herb pots, and I think they would make wonderful gifts - they're the gift that literally keeps on giving, and who doesn't like fresh herbs all year round? The garden markers are, I find, very chic. Not only would they be beautiful to add to your garden, but much more durable then other markers, and reusable! The flower pot would be wonderful to grow some cute flowers in it - I'm especially fond of daisies, so I know it would be filled with those if I had my way! And the Bud vase would be perfect to put those daisies in!

New Larger Prints Available!

I'm offering two new larger prints in my shop :) There will be more updates today - a new, original painting will be listed :)

The Turning, 10 x 15" print

Amour D'arbre, 10 x 15" print

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New new new :)

My new stationary is now available in my artbyangie etsy store :)

Inspiring Music: Before He Cheats

Ok, I've been listening to this song over and over and over again; it's been on repeat in my iTunes for quite some time. Now, it's not because of personal reference, me and my hunny are awesome lol; it's just so catchy! Don't you agree?

Sorry that I couldn't get the original video; embedding on it is disabled on YouTube; but here's a link to it - linky link

Friday, May 2, 2008

Front Page and 700 Sales!

I made the front page today, thank you everyone who gave me the heads up about it, and thank you very much backwoodsophisticate for including me!! You can find the treasury here :) The front page also helped me reach over 700 sales! Thank you everyone!!! :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Items!

I will be listing a new item in my Artbyangie Etsy store later tonight :)

A Black Apple Stationary Set - 4 cards / envelopes

It's been made with hand carved stamps out of linoleum, and then stamped onto the most gorgeous cream-colored card stock! The envelope is stamped in the corner, and it made from 100% recycled materials.

I've also been really busy painting, now that my finals are over! Here's a custom order I did (Clicking on it will make it nice and big) It's a series of three painting - hence the white lines between the purple and blue trees:
Also, I'll be listing a series of paintings in my Jellybeans Etsy store - as soon as I'm done the series, I want to list them all at the same time. There will be four of them, here's a sneek peak:

♥ Angie