Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Items!

I will be listing a new item in my Artbyangie Etsy store later tonight :)

A Black Apple Stationary Set - 4 cards / envelopes

It's been made with hand carved stamps out of linoleum, and then stamped onto the most gorgeous cream-colored card stock! The envelope is stamped in the corner, and it made from 100% recycled materials.

I've also been really busy painting, now that my finals are over! Here's a custom order I did (Clicking on it will make it nice and big) It's a series of three painting - hence the white lines between the purple and blue trees:
Also, I'll be listing a series of paintings in my Jellybeans Etsy store - as soon as I'm done the series, I want to list them all at the same time. There will be four of them, here's a sneek peak:

♥ Angie


Amanda said...

That custom series is gorgeous ~ I love the colours! Can't wait to see the new paintings!!

Beat Black said...

hehe, i was just looking at your blog when my roomate took control of the mouse and started scrolling, he likes your set of trees (i do too)