Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Item - All Together Now

New painting - yip yip hurray! It's currently listed in my Jellybeans shop. I have a series of four coming soon; only one is left and then the series is done and will be posted. I have custom paintings that I am currently working on though, so it might be a little while until its done. The series is kind of a surprise, because it's a little new. Until then, please enjoy "All Together Now" :)

Note on the last post: I did purchase the painting easel mentioned. I can't wait to receive it! It's funny, because after shopping around locally, dickblick.com was cheaper - with customs, shipping and everything included - it's pretty awesome, I would give it a look if you're looking for supplies!


Amanda said...

Very pretty ~ reminds me of that custom 3 piece one you posted a while ago. Can't wait to see your new series!

BabyLyons said...

i like it! can't wait to see your new series!

Martha Marshall said...

Your work is enchanting! I found you thorugh Blogrush, so I guess it has done its job. I just hearted you on Etsy.

aka colorpoetry