Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soap Shopping Spree

My mom recently discovered all the lovely soaps on Etsy when I gave her a soap by Balsam for her birthday awhile back. Now, it's safe to say - she's addicted. The evidence: today she purchased a lovely quantity from a number of Etsy sellers, and since she picked such lovely items, I'm going to feature them in my blog! Lets think of it as: Jelly's Mommy's Treasury!

First is Magichands, whose store is currently carrying very seasonal soap scents. My mom had no hesitating choosing their Pumpkin Spice Shea Butter Bar - which has the most beautiful iridescent shimmer on its top; it just looks so precious! She also purchased their Holly and Ivy Shea Butter soap, and got some of their sample products. I decided that I was going to get in on this store, and I included in the purchase for myself their Winter Grapefruit soap bar. I love citrus soaps, and this one sounds so unique, "tart grapefruit, refreshing juniper, sharp lemon, and undertones of pine", I just knew I had to try it out!

The next purchase was from one of my all time favourite soap sellers: Gudonyatoo. I've ordered from this Etsy shop numerous times (4 times now I think, including this one) it came highly recommended to my mother. She decided that she wanted to try their Super Duper Stinky No More deodorant (which, if it works well for her, I can see myself purchasing), she also thought she'd try their solid perfume. In the soap department, she picked a favourite of mine: Sweet pea Floap, and also their whipped clean in so delicious. Now, since this is one of my favourite Etsy stores, I couldn't go without getting something! I decided on the Raspberry Lemonade Floap, once again following the citrus theme, I know. Gudonyatoo's soaps are always so colourful and vibrant - they definitely brighten up a bathroom!

This last shop, but not the least, that my mom shopped at was DennisAnderson. She once again got a sampler - it's so hard to decide when you can't actually smell the soaps, so this is just to help her in the future I'm sure! She also purchased two Fluffy Whips (love the name hehe), mango madness and hula girl. Hula girl sound so lovely, as an exotic flower scent...Mmmm.

Who would have thought?

Who would have thought, that so soon after my radiology post, that someone chooses a radiologically based piece of artwork for their treasury and it makes the front page?! But it happened, and when I saw it, I was ecstatic, so I must share it :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What I did in Class today...

As some of you know, I started at a new school this past September, taking a radiology technologist program :)

So today, in lab, we did xrays of the elbow with the phantoms (fake hunks of bones surrounded by coloured, clear plastic). This isn't my xray persay, but it's what we saw! I thought it was pretty cool anyways lol.
I must say, I'm really enjoying my new program.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Changing leaves....

All the leaves starting to change, I sense that a change in Etsy banner design, and maybe a little here might happen...

Etsy Love: MoonsHarvest

Last night, I had the most amazing bubble bath. And so, today I'm featuring Moonharvest in celebration of it. She sells exactly what I used: a bubble bar and a bath fizzy (also known commonly, as a bath bomb).

Bubble bars are amazing, because they are jammed pack full of bubble power - better then lotions / liquids I find. Moonharvest's Vairy Fairy Bubble Bar sounds delicious! Her list of bathbomb scents are endless, including but not limited to: Sweet Pea, Cucumber and Mint, Chocolate Covered Cherry (actually chocolate covered!) and Sweet Tart.

This shop is definitely worth a look!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Little Miss. Sicko

I've been little Miss. Sicko this weekend. I bad bad cold caught up to me. But it's finally starting to clear!!! :)
I thought this picture was too cute, so I just had to include it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Two Years Baby!

Today was me and my hunnies two-year anniversary!!! (ok, it may not seem super duper long to some, but it's the longest, and most wonderful to me :) lol. ) It was two years ago, that our dear friend Sarah lied to get us to meet each other - who says white lies don't pay? (Just don't abuse the power of the cosmos - don't want to get who ever it is up there any reason to dislike you lol)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Etsy Love: larimeloom

This evening I'm featuring lovely artist larimeloom from Etsy, aka Lucia from Italy. I think my absolute favourite from her store is this white pleated summer dress. I love dresses that are 'flow-y' - if that's even a word hehe.

I first spotted her clothing on the front page, and since then, I've been an avid watcher of her store. Her clothing is so pretty and feminine; I especially like her dresses (I'm a sucker for dresses, although I won't be wearing them for a long time now...I'll have to wait until summer because Sudbury is so chilly already, and I'm in scrubs most the time for school).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm 22 now! Yippie! Well, as of yesterday.

On another note, I've been crazy busy with everything. But I got a new painting to list either tonight or tomorrow. Smiles!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer

I'd like to thank everyone who purchased my Hope Tree. Proceeds when to research for breast cancer. Sarah did the walk this past weekend, and sounds like it was a complete success! Hope tree sales raised an amazing $334!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Apartment (and kisses from Oreo)

I thought that a "video tour" would be better then some pictures. The living room was already 'furnished' when I got there. So I really only decorated my room hehe, but I did add some flowers / candle to the bathroom for a little more interest.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Music I Heart: Sara Bareilles

I've like this artist for a while now. This is the song that I first heard from her, Fairytale, a long long long time ago. Now she's becoming pretty known with her song, Love Song.

I still like her Fairytale song the most because it's all about the children's stories, and she puts a funny twist on all their happily ever afters. Here's Fairytale!


Wow, it's be a while since I last posted (and I apologize to my readers for that). I think I have finally settled down in Sudbury, the bid nickle. For those who aren't in the loop: I just moved from London to Sudbury, Ontario to pursue studies at Cambrian for Medical Radiology Technologist. I thought I'd get settled soon, but I guess not.

The big nickle of Sudbury! (not my picture lol)
There are still boxes littering my kitchen - which Oreo enjoys, but pretty much everything has been unpacked. All that's left is a few shelves to hang up, and I'm waiting for my honey-munchkins to do that when he visits me. :)

I have a few paintings to show you. Two for sale, and one commission. Unfortunately, in the semi-mess remaining from unpacking and putting things in unfamiliar places where I forget, I can't find the cord to put the pictures onto my computer from my camera - gah. And, finding this cord will be tomorrow's project now.

I've just been a very busy bee. School picked up pretty quickly. It will be a tough course, but that will make it fly by really quickly! And getting back into the Etsy community again and blogging - as well as contributing to my other various communities, is another task for this evening and this weekend. You see, my "computer" schedule is different now. I'm not on a computer so much during the day - so I think I might try to make a schedule or routine to get back into all the habits. Let's hope it's a easy run lol.