Friday, September 5, 2008


Wow, it's be a while since I last posted (and I apologize to my readers for that). I think I have finally settled down in Sudbury, the bid nickle. For those who aren't in the loop: I just moved from London to Sudbury, Ontario to pursue studies at Cambrian for Medical Radiology Technologist. I thought I'd get settled soon, but I guess not.

The big nickle of Sudbury! (not my picture lol)
There are still boxes littering my kitchen - which Oreo enjoys, but pretty much everything has been unpacked. All that's left is a few shelves to hang up, and I'm waiting for my honey-munchkins to do that when he visits me. :)

I have a few paintings to show you. Two for sale, and one commission. Unfortunately, in the semi-mess remaining from unpacking and putting things in unfamiliar places where I forget, I can't find the cord to put the pictures onto my computer from my camera - gah. And, finding this cord will be tomorrow's project now.

I've just been a very busy bee. School picked up pretty quickly. It will be a tough course, but that will make it fly by really quickly! And getting back into the Etsy community again and blogging - as well as contributing to my other various communities, is another task for this evening and this weekend. You see, my "computer" schedule is different now. I'm not on a computer so much during the day - so I think I might try to make a schedule or routine to get back into all the habits. Let's hope it's a easy run lol.


TheresaJ said...

Well congrats on the schooling part. The rest will follow. Good luck!

Amanda said...

so glad you're back! :) good luck with your program!!!