Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I joined Twitter today, after seeing it in a presentation that my coworker / semi-supervisor did. He referred to it as micro-blogging, and it seems quite interesting. I had heard about it before, and seen it on others blogs, but I never got around to actually joining. So I finally did! And there it is on the right side ( -->). To all my stalkers: now you have a more efficient way of tracking me lol.

On another note, I know this has been done for awhile, but it's moreso has been in the process. I have updated my website - with, what I feel, is a more appropriate design in terms of representing my work. It's also easier for me to update, but that's not exactly a concern for my lovely readers hehe.

BUT, the major reason for the redesign is - gasp! I got a small contract with a publishing company! Two of my designs will be made onto cards and available in Spring 2009. It's so exciting and the process has already started. Anywho, my website will be on the back of them, so I wanted to "spruce" it up a bit. I'll let everyone know more about the publishing bit as it gets closer!

So here's a screen shot and link!


Scott Bulger Photography said...

Congratulations on the publishing deal. That is fantastic.

kelly.dee said...

Holy crap Lady! You are kicking ass!

I tried to encourage my boyfriend to do Etsy once but he didn't listen so I'll have to give him a little taste of 'Well Angie did and look at her!'

Really though, I am so excited for you!

Clear Pink said...

i have seen your work on etsy, and i love it.
glad to have found your blog!

paintedskywoman said...

Congratulations! That sounds very exciting.

Brooke said...

Congratulations! I love your work!