Friday, August 8, 2008

The Group of Seven

I was wondering the book store today, and I saw a Group of Seven art book. They were such a wonderful bunch of artists, and very inspiring - they captured the landscape of Canada in a beautiful way.

I really want to get one of their collection books - but I want a good one, with a lot; if not all, of their paintings in it. They're also pricey books too, and since I'm saving for school, I unfortunately cannot splurge on myself. I might go visit a used bookstore when I have some free time and go looking; or maybe hint it to Santa, since he (she) always has a hard time looking for stuff for me.

You can find lots of information and paintings from the Group of Seven at: and

A book that i did pick up today though, was a watercolor book - [watercolor] a to z. I love instruction books! They're always filled with new ideas, hints and techniques; as well as tons of paintings to get inspired by. Instruction books help me out a lot too, since I have no real formal instruction - so it's my way to try and attempt to grow and develop as an artist. I'm excited to sit down with it this weekend.

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