Monday, December 17, 2007

Etsy Feature: Sofia Masri

Today's feature is Sofia Masri from Etsy, a lovely vintage porcelain artist from Mexico City. She has also been featured (currently) by Etsy as their Featured Seller, and it's not hard to see why! Sofia's work is gorgeous! Her work combines complex patterns with with the simplicity of porcelain shapes to create gorgeous, chic, sophisticated pieces.

She sells both earrings and necklaces in her online store, and to make it even better, 10% of proceeds this month are put towards the International Medical Corps. The benefiting charity changes each month, such a kind, selfless seller!
I really enjoy how Sofia combines her porcelain pieces with beads and gemstones. It's such a perfect match! I've actually just set up a custom order with her for a pair for her "Snowy Branch Drops" earrings, as seen above. On them, they have one of my favourite types of beads, labradorite. I love Etsy artists who agree to do custom work, and I can't wait to receive these earrings. They are perfect for the winter, and will match with so many of my outfits!

Another one of my favourites from her store are the "Tiny Tree Post" earrings. I adore green and pink together!

Sofia also has another Etsy store, Poopsie, where she sells a fun, bright and colourful mix of porcelain jewelry - she has something to offer for everyone!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Etsy Features: Reindeer

It's been a little while since my last post - but I have a perfectly good explanation for that - I recently broke my wrist snowboarding...booooo....I know..*sigh*. But, the good news: despite lack of full use of my right wrist - I'm still able to type (and therefore blog), and send out orders - thanks to technology and the printing of address labels....hip hip hurray! I've had to put some commissions aside, but the buyers have been very understanding about the whole matter.

Anyways, on to my feature! Today it's reindeer (in particular, reindeer that look like Bambi). I have such a soft spot for Disney, it's unremarkable.

My first seller is FigsandGinger. This is a couple-run Etsy shop with the most precious sterling silver pieces I've ever seen! My favourite out have to be the Forest Fawn Ring. I really want it! (A nice huge hint out to friends and family who might be reading this hee hee). I'm also pretty fond of their Forest Fawn Earrings.
My next feature is this 1.6" Fabric Pin Set by boqinana. The little deers on these pins are so adorable, and are set on a cute polka-dot green backdrop. Boqinana offers a variety of handmade accessories and housewares within her shop.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Etsy Features: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

The Christmas decorations were definitely up before Halloween, but with neighbourhood Christmas lights starting to come up, Christmas parades, T.V. Specials, and most of all tons of snow! can't help but think that it's definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas - to quote a classic Christmas song!

First up are some lovely lampwork beads by BleuVerre, a Christmas set. The craftsmanship is spectacular, and honestly - Christmas gifts don't have to be an actual, finished product. I can just image the look on a jewelry-artist's face if they were to receive these beautiful beads on Christmas morning! I also really like her purple, turquoise and lime beadset as well!

Or, why not make something out of them for a loved one? This gift would be 100% handmade up to the material that you lace these beads on. Gifts filled with thought are always the best! :o)

My next item is a Pink Fawn Softie from the Christmas section of FantasticToys' shop on Etsy. This toy is so adorable, and reminds me of the Rudolf classic by Rankin. (My boyfriend actually got me a singing Rudolf from that show for Christmas last year as a last minute surprise - it made my Christmas! AND it's the only Christmas item that I let sit out allllll year long! :o)

This would be a great gift for either an adult of child, although FantasticToys has stressed in her description, that it may not be suitable for small children, and that it is not baby safe.

FantasticToys also offers a free downloadable mobile pattern featuring his items (a $2.00 donation can be made if you so choose). Now how kind, cheery and Christmas like is that!?

My next item is a wonderfully delicious one! It's Winter Candy Apple Vegan Soap by Flameworks. The description sounds like the perfect pick-me-up to any blah-winter-day; not that they are many, hehe: "A light fruity blend of pineapples, oranges, red apples, lemons and limes with mild floral hints of jasmine, rose, violet and lily of the valley" - now doesn't that sound good enough to eat?!

Flameworks also offers a great deal with the purchase of any 3 soaps - who can refuse a deal? Especially one that smells' so good?

Christmas House 2 is a gorgeous mixed media painting by mtjoyschool run by Debora, based on Pennsylvania.

Her wonderfully distinctive pieces would make a beautiful addition to any room during the Holiday seasons!

I really love the use of the various techniques in her work as well: collage, texture, gold. It makes for a very interesting conversation pieces - anyone who owns this I'm sure will get many compliments while entertaining.

My last piece for today's entry, I have this beautiful Holiday Kismet, named Bernerd to share with you! Sewn up by seekconnectlove in Arizona, Bernerd would love to be sent to your home for some holiday loving!

They also have another Kismet in their shop, Prudence, who has a piece of holly in her hair.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Etsy Features: Let it Snow!

I decided that today's Etsy feature will be a collaboration of artists with pieces displaying the little, sparkly, white flakes that I love so much starting to come out of the sky! Oh, how I love snow!!! And for those snow-hating people out there - maybe this will make you change your mind, or maybe just fall in love with the not-so-cold snow representations available...

First off is this cute snowflake pendent created and designed by pollyfusia, a lovely glass artist from Washington. I like so many of her pieces, but for the sake of snow, I'd like to show you Dichroic Snowflake pendent, found in her seasonal section (which also has an adorable green reindeer pendent too!).

Naturally, I'm drawn to all things sparkly (as I have discussed with other Etsians in the Etsy Chat rooms hee hee). The back of this pendent is also a light blue, which I think it a cute touch!

The next item is by design artist, Turtlepapers, based in Seattle. Turtle's designs are very concise, clean and simply put - gorgeous. Her Happy Holidays Snowflakes Note Cards are stunning. The front image wraps all the way around the the back, creating a seamless card.

Turtle also offers her designs on clothing, in personalized stationary, art prints, and through greeting, note and gift tags. There is also a Holiday section, with two other favourites that I can't decide between: Merry Christmas Penguins Note Cards and Christmas Tree Note Cards. The penguins are just too cute, but I love the composition of the Christmas tree card.

Here we have a watercolour art print, Red Boots and Snow, from hushmouse created by Maggie Hurley, from Berkeley. It's such an adorable piece, which probably brings every women back in time to when she was a child playing in the snow and try to catch it on your tongue. I really like the red that this artist has used in this piece as well, it brightens it up so much, and just gives a nice, warm, happy, fuzzy feeling!

I love how she mentions in her profile about her cat, Miette, being and inspiration to her artwork - that is exactly was my kitty, Oreo does for me. Having him around when I work is crucial - if he's not there, I will actually go find him and bring him back (even if that means stealing him away from other people - but he is technically mine hee hee).

There is also a series about an owl named Herbert. I think that it is absolutely adorable! My favourite would be Herbert Believes He is King of the Sea. Her pieces are filled to the brim with imagination.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Etsy Feature: Stamp

Clare (aka Stamp) has been a long time member on Etsy, and since then, has established an impressive style in her jewelry shop. Her pieces come from the heart in Brooklyn, New York.

Her pieces demonstrate a beautiful simplicity, combining geometric shapes with natural elements and ideas to create modern individual pieces. She works with a variety of materials and techniques, including gemstones, metal and the enamel process.

Clare also has a stationary shop on Etsy,, featuring hand painted cards.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Etsy Feature: Mordenti Pottery

Today's Etsy feature is Mordenti Pottery, created by Alicia in Goshen, CT. She dabbles in both pottery and artwork.

What captured my eye in her store, was her use of her bird motif. She has painted this on some of her pottery, and has also created wooden panels with mixed media artwork.

In particular, her painting, Mid-afternoon Bird, incorporates the use of gold leaf to colour the bird and has some carved elements into the wooden panel, creating a very individual effect, and a stunning piece of art. It is one out of a series of three.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Card Sets Have Finally Arrived @ Jellybeans!

So my card sets are finally all done and printed up and one of them is listed. These cards are based on cards that I had previously painted this year with watercolors.

I'm also selling these cards individually - and the listings for those are all up and shining! Also,, when you buy a set of 8 cards, you get two free gifts tags; you actually get this deal on every item in my shop until December 20th! Now, who doesn't like free stuff? On top of that, who doesn't like free useful stuff? These tags will look so cute on your presents!

Lastly, I was featured in a blog today, Wickedly Chic, in their Daily Ditties page. My article / peice can be seen here. They featured my Christmas card set!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jellybeans' Super Awesome Christmas Promotion

I have a super awesome promotion going on right now!

Christmas Promotion: Recieve FREE Gift tags with every order! (up to 11$ - 1 free tag; $12 - $24 - 2 free tags; $24+ - 3 free tags)* You can see images of them on my Flickr page:

They'll be sent whole-punched with matching ribbons.

My store:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Etsy Feature: BirdonaFernStudio

I saw the cutest little cell phone covers ever, and so I just had to feature them! I first saw them on Cuteable, and then tracked them down to Etsy.

The are created by artist Noreen A. Finn, also know as BirdonaFernStudio on Etsy, who is also a very talented painter and print maker.

These little cell phone cozies are based on animals, made out of felt, and 'zipper' open to put your cell phone in a soft, fuzzy inside. Not only is it adorable cute, but the inside must most definitely protect your phone!
Get them soon though! I already see that my favourite out of them has already been snatched up! :o)

♥ Angie

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remembrance Day

In honour of Remembrance Day today, I will be featuring different Poppy-pieces from Etsy.

This piece is called "Wild Poppy", by Sharon Cummings. Her store on Etsy is terracegallery. Isn't is a gorgeous painting?

This is an art photography by LanitaPhoto, called "Poppy Field".


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas List

Ok, so I've been asked by a few people what I want for Christmas....and, being the Etsy fanatic that I am, I would love if those gifts came off Etsy. So I've taken upon myself to make a "Etsy Christmas List" for myself. Just be careful with the clothing, these are from my fav's list, so size may not be right.

Aren't they all just so pretty?! :o)\

♥ Angie

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Etsy Feature: Rachel Austin

I love simple shapes and watercolour paint. I also came from a rural area (a dairy farm). Rachel Austin has captured all three of these factors, and transformed then into watercolor and ink pieces.

Rachel uses the concept of aerial photography and simple shapes, creating a unique and original abstract and artful transcription of the farming world. She uses the concepts of crop circles and land grids, sometimes incorporating tiny houses and farms into the pieces as well.

Rachel Austin sell on her online Etsy shop, and is based in Portland. She also has a website:

♥ Angie

Monday, November 5, 2007

Trunkt Gift Guide Feature!

Trunkt is featuring me and my work in their advertisment program for their Gift Guide this year! It's super exciting!

Also, in return for it, I get a lifetime membership to their LookBookPLUS program. Happy happy, joy joy!

♥ Angie

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Etsy Feature: BirdNerd

I found BirdNerd’s work on Etsy though its featured sellers page. BirdNerd is run by Chelsea from the San Fransisco Bay area.

I love the intricate details of Chelsea’s work, and how she incorporates painting into her mixed media pieces. I can only image the time, effort and love that gets put into every piece.

The patterned papers that she uses are just gorgeous, and add a wonderful element to her artwork! They are so bright, colourful and happy!

I’m proud to say, that her White Bellies print is on its way to one of my walls – I can’t wait!

Chelsea also has a website featuring her portfolio work.
♥ Angie

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Etsy Feature: Bumble bee!

I was browsing the treasuries a couple days ago and found this super cute necklace by Etsy artist tulipstokiss. It's just adorable - and I've been so excited to post it since I found it:

This enamel "bumble" necklace is also available in three other colours: orange, green and teal. I just thought I'd share this very cute and unique piece :o)

♥ Angie

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

HTML Goddess

Well, maybe not quite the goddess of HTML; but I do surprise myself with that I can do with trial and error. It's not like I did anything major either...I just made my table wider because I didn't like it so contained....I like to stttrreettcch things out a little tee heee. I'm not completely done either. Because of my little blog stretch, I have to adjust my banner - but I'm on a computer at work that doesn't do that. *sigh* Oh well,.....I guess it'll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh, and I've added a new section to my blog on the right (-->>). I've come across so many wonderful Indie sites and blogs, and just cute dyi places. So I thought that I'd spread the love and make a "Sites That I've Grown to Love" section for them. (It's also makes it easy for me to check them on different computers where I don't have them bookmarked; a little love for you and a little love for me hee hee).

I got my soaps and bracelets in the mail this past week from Etsy as well.

My bracelet was by lorelei1141. It's so lovely....I'm wearing it right now as I type hee hee. Her shop whole shop is very lovely as well :o)

I also got my soap from soapalooza. It's a very nice size, and smells delicious - I almost want to eat it!! It bubbles up (suds up in technical, non-cutesy terms) very well too. I'm very happy with my choice to replace my store bought body wash with yummy homemade soap.

Both of them came wrapped up all pretty. It was like getting presents in the mail! And now, who doesn't like that?! :o)

Psst....I have an amazing Etsy feature coming up - I'm just waiting for the seller to convo me back with the ok-go-ahead. So check back, because I'm dying to share it with you!!!

♥ Angie

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A little piece of sky...

A little piece of sky, is what Bree Lundberg calls her adorable paintings of clouds. Bree run a store on Etsy, CheeseCakeBree, where in addition to her sky paintings, she has photography, beadwork, watercolor, mixed media and illustrations.

Painted with acrylic on canvas - she captures the purity and beauty of the sky. I simply love the concept and I think it's brilliant!

Bree also has a website, where her portfolio is displayed: Art by Bree Lundberg

♥ Angie

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Follow the Yellow Brick Road! crazy busy week is finally over (only to start up again this weekend boooooo). But I did get some artwork done! I painted a cute little ACEO, and a Christmas card - I'll be listing the Christmas card later, because I forgot the paper with the size / paper type stats at home :o(

My friend's blog also reminded me that Halloween is coming up - I'm going to be Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz! I'm sooo excited! And I have the perfect super cute red shoes to finish the costume!..

♥ Angie

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cutest Little Notepads *Ever*!!

So, I'm sure you can tell, that from my paintings, that I'm slightly obssesed with the polka dot / circular trend. And so, to my pleasure, while browsing (the treasuries, I think), I found these cute handpainted matchbook notepads:
They're created by a wonderful mixed media artist, Phizzychick (on Etsy) in Spain.
♥ Angie

Thursday, October 18, 2007

When Harry Met Sally

I just posted a new painting today - "When Harry Met Sally" It's by far one of my favourites so far, just from what it represents:
I've also recently engaged in a trade with lorelei1141 @ Etsy, and I ended up with this gorgeous bracelet. I can't wait to get it in the mail!!! :o)

Also, I recently purchased some yummy soap, from soapalooza , which I also can't wait to get!

I'll think I'll be hounding the post office for the these soon in a couple days - I love getting things in the mail!

♥ Angie

Monday, October 15, 2007

Etsy Feature: BeadsInTheBelfry

Beads In The Belfry is an online Etsy shop that creates beautiful, nature inspired jewelry. Run by Nina on the East Coast, her shop has been a recent addition to the Etsy community.
I found her in the discussions through her avatar. I loved her tree pendents at first site. I'm personally a huge fan of trees, and hers definitly found a place in my heart. She used wire, various stones, pearls and beads to create her pieces.Nina also has a blog, myspace, and can be contacted at

♥ Angie

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Print Available, and Earrings!

I've just listed a new print from a recent original in my Etsy shop:
Also, I've started listing ATC / ACEO's of my prints, available here. There are still more to come. I'm just listing them gradually. But if there's any print you would like to see as an ATC, then please let me know!

Lastly, I received my order from boulderglassmonkey today, and I'm super excited!! It was a gorgeous pair of purple earrings, that have a dash of funk to them with the metal swirl at the bottom.

♥ Angie

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Etsy Feature: Bee's Knees Studio Shop

I found today's Etsy feature while I was randomly browsing the Treasuries - right after the got back up and running - Yippie to Admin! :o)

Anyways, Bee's Knees Studio Shop is run by Erica Vess - with the help and company of her boyfriend, Ryan, and their two kitties: Murdock and Enid. All of this creativeness happens in Richmond, CA.Erica's prints are gorgeous, and there's something for everyone in her store. She has cute, Children's art prints for the younger generation or those who will always be young at heart. She also carries a line of 'sophisticated' art prints, geared more towards the fine art side - oh which the Sea Tendrils and Filigree Ginkgo are my two favorite sets.

Erica also has a blog, and a website:

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Etsy Feature: Azure Grackle

Azure Grackle is a Massachusetts based online Indiestore on Etsy run by Jenn , which sells creative prints made from 'wood-carved' stamps. So basically, everything - except for the paper and paint / ink - is created individually for each piece - can you get anymore authentically original?My favorite part about them, is how all the stamps are transparently layered upon each other - creating a beautiful print piece, showing resemblance to a collage. I also enjoy, how when you go to view each item, she shows you some of the carved stamps in the pictures. It's nice to see the process sometimes .Jenn also has a blog available online, so give it a look:

♥ Angie