Thursday, December 13, 2007

Etsy Features: Reindeer

It's been a little while since my last post - but I have a perfectly good explanation for that - I recently broke my wrist snowboarding...booooo....I know..*sigh*. But, the good news: despite lack of full use of my right wrist - I'm still able to type (and therefore blog), and send out orders - thanks to technology and the printing of address labels....hip hip hurray! I've had to put some commissions aside, but the buyers have been very understanding about the whole matter.

Anyways, on to my feature! Today it's reindeer (in particular, reindeer that look like Bambi). I have such a soft spot for Disney, it's unremarkable.

My first seller is FigsandGinger. This is a couple-run Etsy shop with the most precious sterling silver pieces I've ever seen! My favourite out have to be the Forest Fawn Ring. I really want it! (A nice huge hint out to friends and family who might be reading this hee hee). I'm also pretty fond of their Forest Fawn Earrings.
My next feature is this 1.6" Fabric Pin Set by boqinana. The little deers on these pins are so adorable, and are set on a cute polka-dot green backdrop. Boqinana offers a variety of handmade accessories and housewares within her shop.

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