Sunday, November 29, 2009

Best Friends Print

My "Best Friends" piece is now available as a print! Just in time for the holidays too :)
I've also posted Holiday shipping times under my shop policies (well I posted them a while back, but didnt' realize that I hadn't mentioned them yet).

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blooming Christmas

I love Christmas ornaments. I think it has something to do with something so beautiful being so small - making it that much more beautiful and intriguing.

I have fallen in love with these Poppy Ornaments by MarciG. They're perfect colours for the Christmas tree...but then, when Christmas is over...they're perfectly all-seasonal and can live on my wall as a decoration as well!

I won't lie...I have an all-year 'Christmas' decoration that hangs out on my monitor: dear ol' Rudolph from the Rankin stop-motion films. He's a couple years old, but his nose still lights up, and he still sings the snowman's songs lol. I just can't bare to put him away after Christmas.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Amusing Shipping Labels

These have got to be the best shipping labels I've ever seen. I'm particularly fond of the blue one, but I feel I would 'abuse' it - my whole apartment would be covered with blue labels. Ah, the life of a pack rat....but you never know when you might need... STICKITfileSMACK - reuseREDESIGN

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Belated Halloween Post

Well, I have my camera back - Hurray! That means you get a peak at my Halloween costume from this year! Finally.

I was a bumble bee, and my honey-munchkin was a ghost-buster. The little trick-or-treaters were a little confused when he threw out his ghost trap at them, but the parents got a good laugh hehe.

And of course, here's my pumpkin I carved. He was a wee-little bit of a pumpkin, but I managed to get a goofy face on him! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Limited Edition Snowflakes!

After my sale, I really liked the adjustment that I had made to my "Circle of Friends" print, that I thought that I would make a limited edition print of it - Snowflakes

I don't do limited edition prints normally. This edition will be a run of 50 - and only 50, no 'sneak returns'. All prints will be signed and numbered accordingly.

The snowflakes just make me smile :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pre-Holiday Sale!!

Thank you for everyone who participated in my sale!! :o) It's over now, but great prints are still in shop! :o)

That's right it's my Pre-Holiday Sale in my Etsy shop! This way, you can enjoy a sale and have enough time to have your items shipped to you to give away for Christmas!

Here's the low down:
* Regular size prints (8x10") are now $12, regular $15
* Large size prints (10 x 15") are now $20, regular $25

As well! Free gifts will be included in every order regardless of what you purchase!! The gifts are surprises - like little gifts to you, and can include Christmas stationery, Christmas gift tags, Spring gift tags, regular stationery, and a few pocket mirrors will be given out to some lucky Etsians as well.

I will choose your free gift based on what and how much you purchased. I hope everyone will enjoy their lovely surprises!

On top of that! I have a stationery design, with a glittered bow which was not released - and will not be released in my stores. Some lucky buyers may receive that in their package! They only way to get this design is to participate in the sale. And you may request this as a gift, otherwise it's a surprise!

I will be posting a picture of it later was posted, and then I realized the typo in the design - don't worry, the cards won't have it! :o)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bye Bye Camera

Update: They FOUND my camera!!!! Yippppppiee! Turns out someone who had the same one as me picked it up. And once she realized the pictures weren't hers, was kind enough to return it. Phew!! But, the sale will continue, because now there's something to celebrate!!!!

I'm sorry to say I'm not sure if there will be any pictures of my Halloween costume as promised. My camera - along with 2 others - got stolen that dear ol' Halloween night. I was quite upset about it - it was definitely a good night for pictures, had an amazing 100+ taken...and then poof! It's all gone. Not to mention, I must go out and purchase a new one, frowns.

I'm thinking of possibly holding a "new-camera-sale" in my store. It will be most definitely posted here - as well to my mailing list when it does happen. You can sign up to my mailing list on the right side >>

Meanwhile, two paintings sold this weekend - that means two new prints are available in my shop!