Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pre-Holiday Sale!!

Thank you for everyone who participated in my sale!! :o) It's over now, but great prints are still in shop! :o)

That's right it's my Pre-Holiday Sale in my Etsy shop! This way, you can enjoy a sale and have enough time to have your items shipped to you to give away for Christmas!

Here's the low down:
* Regular size prints (8x10") are now $12, regular $15
* Large size prints (10 x 15") are now $20, regular $25

As well! Free gifts will be included in every order regardless of what you purchase!! The gifts are surprises - like little gifts to you, and can include Christmas stationery, Christmas gift tags, Spring gift tags, regular stationery, and a few pocket mirrors will be given out to some lucky Etsians as well.

I will choose your free gift based on what and how much you purchased. I hope everyone will enjoy their lovely surprises!

On top of that! I have a stationery design, with a glittered bow which was not released - and will not be released in my stores. Some lucky buyers may receive that in their package! They only way to get this design is to participate in the sale. And you may request this as a gift, otherwise it's a surprise!

I will be posting a picture of it later today...it was posted, and then I realized the typo in the design - don't worry, the cards won't have it! :o)

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Caroline said...

How are you not listed as a favorite seller of mine yet? Done and done! Love your prints. :)