Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hippy Hoppy Christmas!

I decided to make some Christmas stationery with my Christmas Bunnies painting that I had posted about earlier.

I currently have a set of Christmas Cards (4 to a set) available:

As well, I have some Christmas tags / mini-cards also created from the painting, with some lovely silver ribbon:

And remember: items can be combined for combined shipping from both stores (Artbyangie and jellybeans, both through Etsy)! Just wait for a revised invoice, and contact me if you have questions or concerns :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A lovely painting

Being an artist, I naturally love looking at art. Makes sense to me anyways. Well, I was browsing Etsy, and this lovely painting by sarahtakahashi caught my eye and I thought I would share it with you:

Small Cameo 3 - by sarahtakahashi


I just made some cute new packaging for my Christmas tags. It's simple, but effective I think; and very eco-friendly :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Business Cards (soon)

See that up there...that's my new business card :)

I ran out a while back, and it's not that I was slow in getting new ones. I wanted a redesign, and so they had to wait until I could think out what I wanted on my card. It's definitely more organized then my original card (I think so anyways...), and a little more "professional" looking. My other card just seems all over the place compared to this one.

My old one also had a couple web addresses, and an e-mail address - which looking back on, I think was just too much. My main web page,, directs to all those places, so why not just put just that one?

I decided to still include my e-mail address (after much thought), with the idea, that if ever my website is down, or forever reason stops 'existing', then there's still a way to contact me. And I know, I know...I don't use my 'common' / slang name for my 'name'. I just like using my birth name, Angela, instead of my slang name, Angie for things like this. ( just didn't have the same ring as artbyangie though hehe).

The card is also going to have rounded corners, I think. I love rounded corners. It will be going to the printers tomorrow, so I'll sleep about rounded corners, and see in the morning :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas Tags Are Back!

I just stocked up on Christmas Tags in my Jellybeans Etsy Store!

These are perfect for all your Christmas gifts! The backs are blank to fill with warm Christmas thoughts and love, and they come with lovely ribbon - so they're ready to be attached to your Christmas packages.

These Christmas Tags are printed on lovely card stock and have beautiful rounded corners. They are sold in packs of 12 - 4 of each design. But larger quantities / custom orders of these tags can be requested :)

Merry (early) Christmas!

Ps. Don't forget to enter my contest! (until October 30th)

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I just did this painting this weekend, and thought I would quickly share it before getting back to homework and commissions. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christmas Kisses

I just completed this painting tonight. I should be studying...I will after this post, promise!
Untitled. Acrylic on paper.

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to call it, the idea of the painting is still relatively new. I'll be thinking of something good. It should be in my artbyangie etsy store soon; I think I may be making Christmas stationery out of it, and listing the painting. Unless of course, you know you want it, then definitely send me a message :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adorable Tutu's

I found Etsy seller starrtutus in the Etsy chatrooms. She sells the most adorable tutu's. And not only that, but her photography skills to showcase her products are amazing. Every little girl needs a tutu! I only wish that it was completely socially acceptable to walk around in tutu's all the time as an adult; cause then I would - who wouldn't? The tutu shown is called Sugar Plum

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Etsy Love: AtabeyInspirations

This lovely pumpkin indoor moss garden was created by AtabeyInspirations from Etsy. Her lovely shop offers a wide variety of these terranatariums, but Halloween around the corner, this one in particular caught my eye! This shop offers a wide variety of jar shapes and mosses', which have become self-sustainable in these cute little jars.

If you look closely, you can see the cute mushroom that she has included with it. Makes me think that little fairies come out at night a 'party' in this little hangout.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Welcome to my first official contest! (This is so exciting!).

I had collaborated with fellow Etsy seller, FaniSong, on some pendents, and she had sent me some samples of her beautiful work! Since, I can't in all honesty keep them all to myself (Just some hehe) - I must share some of these many pendents; I thought it would be a good idea to create a contest and give some away :)

And now, drumroll......please excuse my bad photography, I'm not used to taking pictures of pendents....

The lovely pendent up for grabs, created by FaniSong, is fused with an image of my Poppies painting, and hands on a 17" cord with ribbon. It also comes shipped in a little round tin box for safe keeping :)

A close up of the prize....

Now, for the instructions!!!

To enter the prize you must: leave a comment on my blog telling me your favorite piece in my store, OR purchase an item, OR join my mailing list.

Each of the above will grant you an entry in my draw. Meaning, if you do all three, you get three entries. You get an entry for each item purchased. (Entries for purchases will be automatically entered into the draw). To join my mailing list, please send me a message through Etsy, on my blog with your e-mail address, or send me an e-mail at . The mailing list is once a month (Twice at the most), and you can request to be taken off at any time.

The contest will run from now until October 30th, when I will post a blog about the closing of the contest. A winner will be drawn and announced the following week.

...only a little longer!

New painting and contest posted later this evening!!! :)

I'm just at school counting down minutes to go home and post these!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Little Taste of Summer

Since winter is almost upon has always snowed a teeny bit where I live...I'm grasping onto the last little bits of summer that I have left.

Pink Lemonade is a distinct summer taste, there's no question about that. KEcookies offers wonderfully scrumptious looking pink lemonade cookies. They're like sunshine in a cookie! Perfect for a dull, winter day!

KEcookies also has orange pumpkin cookies, that are perfect for the fall season! And are a lovely vibrant orange colour.

Despite all this, I don't want anyone to think I'm anti-winter. I love the leaves changing in the fall, and I love playing in the snow in the winter (I'm becoming more and more of an avid snowboarder :) ... but I do like summer a lot... until next year summer!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Etsy Love: retrofied

I came across retrofied's bags through the category / search functions of Etsy. I immediately fell in love with this bag:

This bag is the perfect size for all my textbooks and lunch for school. I always have the hardest time finding a bag that is large enough for it all, but stylish at the same time. So usually, I just opt for my schoolbag - which honestly, is far from cute.

The bonus, is that this bag is reversible, so I can change it as easily as flipping it inside out as my moods change!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

To all the Canadian out there in blog world: Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I hope that everyone's holidays are filled with wonderful Thanksgiving goodies and family love!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

There's always a first for everything...

Next week I will be posting the details of an upcoming contest that I will be holding. I'm really excited, since this is my first "official" contest!!! All I can tell you about the prize is that it was created in collaboration with a fellow Etsian.
More information to follow on both the contest, the prize and the Etsian next week!!! It's like an early Christmas gift!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Scarf Season

Scarf season is among us, and I love scarves so much! My winter jackets are generally plain and neutral, so that I can wear whatever scarf I want and I won't have to worry about colours or patterns clashing.

A lovely 'scarf seller' that I found on Etsy is phydeaux. She has a wide variety of scarves in a rainbow of colour combinations and styles. And of course, they are hand knit :) There's something for everyone!
Too bad this is a custom's so lovely tied in a bow.

Citron Scarf - so bright and cheery for a dull winter day.

Wild Irises Scarf - I love greens, and this scarf incorporates them beautifully without making them too overwhelming.

Soft Turquoise Scarflette - is perfect for anyone who isn't fond of longer scarfs. And those pearls look precious in their sea of blue yearn.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crimson Flourishes

I did a new painting this past weekend. I really like this one. I was inspired by all the beautiful trees changing. I like it when some turn faster than others, leaving a vibrant tree standing out amongst the rest:
"Crimson Flourishes" - original 9 x 12" watercolor
For those who flourish like a beautiful crimson tree in the world both inside and out.

Sweet Ones

I forget when this song came out...but when it did, I loved it. I haven't heard it for awhile now, but my iTunes shuffle graced me with it's presence this lovely evening.

New painting will be posted in a few :)


I finally got around to "graduating" from my learner's permit (G1 licence) and went for the next level. It was more, it expired and I had no choice....
I had failed the first time from a silly silly error....but I got it this time!! Yippie!! And I didn't even have to parallel park - but that's because there were no cars to do it on lol.

Now I can drive by myself, and I get another 5 years to get my final licence, G. Let's hope I don't wait for the end again...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Little memories

I was just reliving my year in university residence four years ago with an old roommate, and I remembered how crazy she was over this song: Do something by Britney Spears - it reminds me so much of her and residence, and makes me laugh at how she would bob around showing me lol.


I just posted this painting in my ArtbyAngie Etsy store yesterday late in the evening. I love bubble baths, and I especially love them when it's been a not-so-happy-go-lucky sort of day. Bubbles have the ability to wash away all the bad things, and leave a happy shiny feeling inside. They also leave you feeling fabulous!

On the brief topic of bubble baths, I just wanted to share bath bombs that I purchased yesterday from a Canadian soaper: GreenfieldSoaps. I got some great fragrances: cucumber-melon, cranberry, green tea and mango twist. I can't wait to get them, and since the seller is in Ontario should be sometime this week :D

Friday, October 3, 2008

What every Book-a-holic Needs...

Bookplates!!! They add the final touch to anyone's library, especially if you tend to loan your books out or you have a roomie and have all your books mixed up. My case for my recent interest in bookplates is neither of those - I have lots of books, but my roommates rarely do as well, so no mixing up there!

It's my textbooks that I need my bookplates for. I bring them to class, they get left here - used there - passed around....and then in the end, no one knows whose book is whose, and someone possibly walks out with ones (very expensive) textbook. So, I thought some lovely bookplates would be better then just scrawling my name on them. It also makes boring books seem a tad cuter, which is always a plus!

I really like the printing style that taccipaperco used for these bookplates, and the colours are so pretty with the flower pattern.

Set of 15 Bird Lovers Bookplates by turtlepapers

I've always been a huge fan of tutlepapers work. These bookplates are so lovely, and the paper chosen is gorgeous (I love kraft paper pieces!). They are very classy and elegant bookplates.

Swan Girl Bookplates by theblackapple

Theblackapple is a wonderful artist who I've admired since coming to Etsy, but I never knew what to get from her - I didn't know where I would put one of her prints, and I didn't want to give her postcards away hehe. But, I've just ordered some of her bookplates for my textbooks, so soon I will own one of her pieces! (15 to be exact!). They'll look perfect in my textbooks and spruce them up!

Don't Be A Blowhole Bookplates by onegoodbumblebee

I love this bookplate! I came across it in my search, and who doesn't like cute humor? If I found a book with this bookplate in it, it would make me chuckle and make my day. Please, if someone near where I live is reading this bookplate and loose your book, so that I can find it and see. Please.

There are so many more lovely bookplates on Etsy - so many to choose from! Go out there, find ones that suit you, and give your books some love!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fairy Dust and Wishes

I decided to make my wishing tree a sister, meet "Fairy Dust and Wishes"

"Fairy Dust and Wishes" - 9 x 12" Watercolor

"Everyone knows that wishes are magical, and who else to grant a wish but a fairy? The remnants of the fairy are left in this beautiful wishing tree, growing to inspire and enlighten young and old minds alike."

My inspiration for the tree. Firstly, it was suggested that I create a wishing tree with some pink in it. After thinking about it, I realized that little pink specks are so much like fairy dust!