Friday, October 3, 2008

What every Book-a-holic Needs...

Bookplates!!! They add the final touch to anyone's library, especially if you tend to loan your books out or you have a roomie and have all your books mixed up. My case for my recent interest in bookplates is neither of those - I have lots of books, but my roommates rarely do as well, so no mixing up there!

It's my textbooks that I need my bookplates for. I bring them to class, they get left here - used there - passed around....and then in the end, no one knows whose book is whose, and someone possibly walks out with ones (very expensive) textbook. So, I thought some lovely bookplates would be better then just scrawling my name on them. It also makes boring books seem a tad cuter, which is always a plus!

I really like the printing style that taccipaperco used for these bookplates, and the colours are so pretty with the flower pattern.

Set of 15 Bird Lovers Bookplates by turtlepapers

I've always been a huge fan of tutlepapers work. These bookplates are so lovely, and the paper chosen is gorgeous (I love kraft paper pieces!). They are very classy and elegant bookplates.

Swan Girl Bookplates by theblackapple

Theblackapple is a wonderful artist who I've admired since coming to Etsy, but I never knew what to get from her - I didn't know where I would put one of her prints, and I didn't want to give her postcards away hehe. But, I've just ordered some of her bookplates for my textbooks, so soon I will own one of her pieces! (15 to be exact!). They'll look perfect in my textbooks and spruce them up!

Don't Be A Blowhole Bookplates by onegoodbumblebee

I love this bookplate! I came across it in my search, and who doesn't like cute humor? If I found a book with this bookplate in it, it would make me chuckle and make my day. Please, if someone near where I live is reading this bookplate and loose your book, so that I can find it and see. Please.

There are so many more lovely bookplates on Etsy - so many to choose from! Go out there, find ones that suit you, and give your books some love!


Anonymous said...

such a good idea! =)

LoveMeKnot Creations said...

never heard of book plates, those are super cute ones you found though! do you tick them on the inside ocver, or glue them on?