Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fairy Dust and Wishes

I decided to make my wishing tree a sister, meet "Fairy Dust and Wishes"

"Fairy Dust and Wishes" - 9 x 12" Watercolor

"Everyone knows that wishes are magical, and who else to grant a wish but a fairy? The remnants of the fairy are left in this beautiful wishing tree, growing to inspire and enlighten young and old minds alike."

My inspiration for the tree. Firstly, it was suggested that I create a wishing tree with some pink in it. After thinking about it, I realized that little pink specks are so much like fairy dust!


missknits said...

aww they are like fairy dust !! what a sweet thought and idea! love it!

Amanda said...

OH! This is sooooo sweet! Great job! :D

Everyday Moments said...

Love you jellybean've been in my favorites for quite awhile now :).

There's a game of tag going on and you've been caught. You're IT girl :). I don't know if you've ever played tag before but here are the rules.... You need to list 6 things about yourself that most people don't know (on your blog) and then tag 5 of your fellow Etsy Blogger Street Team members. Here is a link to my post to see it in action lol :

have fun :)!

Amanda said...

Your welcome ~ your painting was actually the inspiration of my treasury! :)

fly tie said...

i've always liked your style of work.

(just found your blog on dawanda...adding to my blog roll)