Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soap Shopping Spree

My mom recently discovered all the lovely soaps on Etsy when I gave her a soap by Balsam for her birthday awhile back. Now, it's safe to say - she's addicted. The evidence: today she purchased a lovely quantity from a number of Etsy sellers, and since she picked such lovely items, I'm going to feature them in my blog! Lets think of it as: Jelly's Mommy's Treasury!

First is Magichands, whose store is currently carrying very seasonal soap scents. My mom had no hesitating choosing their Pumpkin Spice Shea Butter Bar - which has the most beautiful iridescent shimmer on its top; it just looks so precious! She also purchased their Holly and Ivy Shea Butter soap, and got some of their sample products. I decided that I was going to get in on this store, and I included in the purchase for myself their Winter Grapefruit soap bar. I love citrus soaps, and this one sounds so unique, "tart grapefruit, refreshing juniper, sharp lemon, and undertones of pine", I just knew I had to try it out!

The next purchase was from one of my all time favourite soap sellers: Gudonyatoo. I've ordered from this Etsy shop numerous times (4 times now I think, including this one) it came highly recommended to my mother. She decided that she wanted to try their Super Duper Stinky No More deodorant (which, if it works well for her, I can see myself purchasing), she also thought she'd try their solid perfume. In the soap department, she picked a favourite of mine: Sweet pea Floap, and also their whipped clean in so delicious. Now, since this is one of my favourite Etsy stores, I couldn't go without getting something! I decided on the Raspberry Lemonade Floap, once again following the citrus theme, I know. Gudonyatoo's soaps are always so colourful and vibrant - they definitely brighten up a bathroom!

This last shop, but not the least, that my mom shopped at was DennisAnderson. She once again got a sampler - it's so hard to decide when you can't actually smell the soaps, so this is just to help her in the future I'm sure! She also purchased two Fluffy Whips (love the name hehe), mango madness and hula girl. Hula girl sound so lovely, as an exotic flower scent...Mmmm.


Amanda said...

oooh, these look like some great picks!! that winter grapefruit sounds so delicious i might have to get some myself!

Amanda said...

I just gave you an award for your awesome blog!