Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Painting Commission Video

I have posted a new video!

It's of a commissioned tree - the video was requested along with the commission. It's a larger piece (12 x 16"), and took a few 'sets' to complete, but it's done!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ocean painting update

For those who have been following my blog for awhile will know about this painting. No, it's not done yet hehe...but it's getting there.

And a detail shot:

Yup that's right! A seahorse is starting to make it's home in here :o)

I'm not 100% sure abaout that light blue / pink anemone. I might change it's colour or get rid of it. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Print Alert!

This lovely painting is now available as an equally lovely print.

Enjoy :o)

Shop at your choice:

Cupcake Week: the painting

The texture in this Cupcake painting by Rozart is unreal!

I'm a real sucker for paintings with texture. This one makes me wish that I could do into the screen and feel it...or better yet eat it! Could those sprinkles look anymore delicious?! The brushwork with the oil paint is beautiful, and all of Rozart's work has the same sort of feel / brushwork and very distinguishable - something that's hard to find within yourself as an artist sometimes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's my Birthday!

I turn 23 today. I won't lie, turning 21 was more exciting...hehe.

Cupcake Week: the t-shirt

I love this Pirate Cupcake t-shirt by Dogboneart.

The whole idea completely cracks me up. For all those who cant' do "cute", I think that this might be for you :) The design is also available as a tote, apron and stickers.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Yellow Wildflowers

Yellow Wildflowers - Original Acrylic Mini Painting

I love wildflowers. This was painted based on those cute little buttercups. I was one of those kids trying to get the tiny flowers into a little bouquet. They just had the most adorable petals, they were like little pieces of sunshine. So perfect.

Available in my Etsy shop.

Cupcake Week: the bubble bath

This is my birthday week! :) So, I thought it perfect to host a cupcake feature week.

These delicious bubble bath cupcakes, by Mugsy, are as cute as I'm sure they are bubbalicious!

I am a bath guru in the winter - not so much in the summer with the heat. And I cannot take a bath without delicious bubbles. I'm amazed at how close these cupcakes look to the real thing! I think I'd maybe be too hesitant to left my bath water gobble up these beauties.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mom's Garden II

Mom plants lots of wildflowers in her garden this year, and some not so wild - it was really a mixed packet of seeds. I took some pictures a few weeks ago, and thought I'd share.

She had a lot of poppy seeds in the mix, and they came out just gorgeous! Some of them were even double blossomed.

I love poppies - I'm sure you can see what influenced my last painting!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Poppy Fields

Poppy Fields - 12x12" Acrylic Painting

I love using red in my paintings, but sometimes it can be overwhelming, and draw attention to a detail when you want the whole painting viewed as a whole - my high school art teacher told us once, that red is strong and hence should be used sparingly. And it does make sense.

But that's why I loved painting this landscape so much - I could use as much red as I wanted - Because poppies are so red!! It was hard to capture the beauty of this painting. It's is definitely a piece that would brighten any room, while maintaining sophistication.

The original is available for sale :o)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back To School Week: The Apple

Back to school means teachers, and teachers mean apples - or it used to way back when people travelled across the country with horses and wagons hehe. This silver red delicious apple necklace, by A.N. Original Jewelry is the perfect way to hold on to that old-time bit of symbolism, but with a modern twist.

This beautiful necklace, created from sterling silver, is perfect for both child, teen and adult alike. It's timeless, just as the age-old symbolism is - so you'll grow with it, and carry it with you through all those years of school - maybe it will turn into a good luck piece for tests and exams? One thing for certain - this will be one apple you might end up keeping for yourself! Or, get a second one for your favorite teacher :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

It was brought to my attention by a lovely lady that I didn't have a father - son piece. It only made sense to make one :)

Then I thought about the saying, Like Father, Like Son - the perfect title for the piece! The two trees mirror in 'shape', going a long with the saying. I know I cannot personally connect with this piece, as I can with many others I have created - since I'm not a boy - obviously lol - but I can see it in my brother's (all three of them) all the time, and how they're like my dad in so many ways.

The original is for sale on Etsy

Back To School Week: The Plaid Piece

I am loving the fact that plaid is in for fall again! I love plaid! Maybe it's just the farm girl in me hehe. But not all plaid screams farm or private school. This silky plaid dress by Amanda Archer is a perfect example that it can be dressy.

The silk adds class and the neckline ruffles feminize the plaid pattern. The plaid patter is nice and neutral - perfect for those who might be a little afraid of the old-time pattern, and perfect still for the long time lovers of it - like me. It would be great for that first day of class, paired with a cute cardigan or light jacket - and still perfect for Friday night school-dance-dates.

I want this dress. Plain and simple. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Romance is in the Air

And those may have seen in my weekend post, my contribution to the Feed Your Soul project with two little birdies. Well, I also said that I had ideas for another piece - so here I present to you "Romance is in the Air", the original is for sale on Etsy :)

Everyone has their 'romantic spot' - whether it's where you first hung out, or had your first kiss. This painting plays on that ideal romantic concept - with a touch of cute. I haven't had much use before for the green - Emerald Green - so I thought I'd try it on this tree, and the results...well, you can see for yourself!

Back To School Week: The Lifesaver

I live by my planner when I'm in school. If I loose it - I loose my life - I blame my bad memory on having to write everything down. This is Come Along Weekly planner from publisher Little Otsu / artist Lart C. Berliner is so cute and perfect dabbling your life in.

First off, the landscape of this journal is so original - it's the first planner I've seen like this! Beside the weekly pages (undated, so it lasts until you're done with it!), there's tons of fun and important pages throughout the planner: address pages, reference, things to do, events. No two pages are alike either!

Each is printed with a rich, soy-based, pumpkin orange ink - gracing each page with fun and artistic illustrations to keep anyday bright and cheerful. The entire journal is made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials. You definitely have to check out the listing to see more fun pages!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Purple Wildflowers

I've really been liking painting these blue-sky pieces. They're like a perfect day at a perfect place, captured forever on canvas. I love painting these mini paintings so much!

When I was on vacation a month or so ago, we (me and my honey) were driving through Southern Ontario to Toronto, and we came across a hay field, or a 'grass field', and it had tons of purple flowers / plants in it. So many in fact, they just looked like fields of purple. They were so pretty - I actually gasped, "Ohhh soo pretty!" and my boyfriend laughed at me hehe. So that's where this idea came from :)

This little mini-painting can sit on your desk too, and cheer you up all day long! The easel comes with this tiny art - you can prop it up right out of the packaging :)

Back To School Week: The Bag

I haven't been using a backpack for school for sometime, except when I bike to school. I've instead opted for large messenger bags to stuff everything in to. I love this bright red bag in Fall Perry in vin rouge velvet by bayanhippo.

There were so many excellent bags in this shop, that it was hard to choose the one to feature. But the red caught my eye. I'm a strong believer of bright accessories highlighting an outfit - owner new bright yellow wallet and three bright red sets of heels.

This stand out piece adds some class and romance to school. Being out of highschool for some time, I like to learn towards sophisticated school apparel - and this fits just right! The velvet would be so luxurious and add a vintage feel to any outfit.