Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back To School Week: The Lifesaver

I live by my planner when I'm in school. If I loose it - I loose my life - I blame my bad memory on having to write everything down. This is Come Along Weekly planner from publisher Little Otsu / artist Lart C. Berliner is so cute and perfect dabbling your life in.

First off, the landscape of this journal is so original - it's the first planner I've seen like this! Beside the weekly pages (undated, so it lasts until you're done with it!), there's tons of fun and important pages throughout the planner: address pages, reference, things to do, events. No two pages are alike either!

Each is printed with a rich, soy-based, pumpkin orange ink - gracing each page with fun and artistic illustrations to keep anyday bright and cheerful. The entire journal is made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials. You definitely have to check out the listing to see more fun pages!


Amanda said...

I also live by my agenda. love it. i went with a mcmaster one this year - nice berry-coloured leather cover. :)

this one is so original! love it!

Creations by Juliann said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I love "writing things down" too... Here is what my "To Do" list usually looks like:

1. Do dishes
2. Wash clothes
3. Get Rich Quick, hahaha (I just have to squeeze it in there... you know, for wishful thinking!)
4. Grocery shop
5. Take shoes -to the shoe cobbler

- Juliann