Thursday, September 10, 2009

Poppy Fields

Poppy Fields - 12x12" Acrylic Painting

I love using red in my paintings, but sometimes it can be overwhelming, and draw attention to a detail when you want the whole painting viewed as a whole - my high school art teacher told us once, that red is strong and hence should be used sparingly. And it does make sense.

But that's why I loved painting this landscape so much - I could use as much red as I wanted - Because poppies are so red!! It was hard to capture the beauty of this painting. It's is definitely a piece that would brighten any room, while maintaining sophistication.

The original is available for sale :o)


Joyce said...

O wow! I love it! The red looks so good and the blue balances so well with it.

Kunklebaby said...

I really like this piece! Great pairing of color!