Thursday, January 31, 2008

Charity Ball!

This past weekend was Charity Ball - where the university hold a very classy "Ball", and all proceeds to to charity! I just wanted to share a few pictures from it :) Above is me and my date, my old roomie Anita!

The reason the ice sculpture is a horse, is because my university is the "Mustangs"

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wishing Tree - New painting!

I just posted a new painting on Etsy, "Wishing Tree". I'll post a better post about it tomorrow with better pictures. :)


Psst. I have a small secret. I only have time today to write a short blog...tomorrow I think I will be posting my Valentine feature, and ...... a new painting on Etsy! eeek! That's right! I know it's been awhile...but check back at my shop, and sometime tomorrow it shall appear! :)

Just wanted to give my faithful readers a heads up! Angie.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Etsy Community!

So Etsy has decided to group all their community items together in one page, under the header "Community" and therefore clean up the top bar. I love this! I think it's great to have everything grouped!

While I was wondering around on the page, I decided to check out downloads. I had previously been to this page before to get my "I heart handmade" picture on the side there -->

But now, they have all sorts of cool stuff. Even images for when you're away, on vacation or having a sale....thank you Etsy!

I've decided to add new icons to my right side as well - sporadically, so Etsy is still "seen" as the person scrolls down the page. I thought about replacing what was already there; but it's not available anymore - so I'm self-proclaimed it vintage, and therefore will not be replacing it for now :). Besides, it's way too cute to just throw away!

.....I hope I haven't cluttered up that side too much with buttons hee hee

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Lazy Hazy Weekend

...most definitely not! This weekend has not been the busiest I've seen, but there is definitely a buzz of activity to it, that's for sure!

Since I finished finals last week, this weekend has been my "catch up" week not just for homework, but for life! It's hard to realize how far behind you get in things and how they pile up until you've put them aside and let them build up. I shouldn't really say that I'm complaining, because most of my "catch up" work is very enjoyable work - and only a small fraction is actually school! I'm also baking bread today - yummy! But that takes about 5 minutes out of my day to put the ingredients into the machine -and in a while: let the house smell like fresh bread! I could never part with my carbs hee hee.

Now, Oreo on the other hand - he has a much easier weekend. I think his biggest battle today is deciding where he wants to sleep, and how to sucker me into giving him little treats....ohh, to be a cat!

Anyways, I have been working on various commissions today, and yesterday, for my fellow Etsy users. I have a few paintings to do, and a larger lot of ACEO's. I love doing the ACEO's, especially since I have pretty much been given free reign on them - they're like little canvases, full of potential, ready for my brush to lay color down on them and create the cutest little pieces! This buyer in particular who requested these pieces, is actually giving them away as Valentine's, and she's also requested a smaller lot for St. Patricks Day (which I love; who wouldn't love a day that celebrated green - my favourite colour??). What a kind buyer :)

On the topic of Valentine's Day - I have a set of Valentine cards available in my store! They're based on paintings of mine that have had a more romantic or love theme to them, including a very recent painting (my first original addition to my store for 2008) "A Spring of Love".

I'm also working towards starting a second Etsy store: I'm pretty sure the link doesn't work, because I haven't activated the "Seller" aspect of it. I'll be using this store to sell my other art pieces that don't really fall into the category of Jellybeans. I thought about posting them together, but I didn't really want to compromise the uniform style I have of Jellybeans. I really like it - so a second store was the answer!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Etsy Feature: Lisa Viger

Perfectly peculiar is how Lisa Viger opens in her shop; and it's a perfect explanation for everything carried within it. Her art is peculiar indeed, but far from anything but magical. Her unique pieces illustrate a very whimsical world within them, where boats float in the sky and stars can carry you through the night, and where that night folds back to reveal the day.

Her pieces are created using various mixed media techniques, combining them to create a remarkable essence within her paintings.

The piece that caught my eye (while I was looking for Etsy pieces to put in my "Valentine Feature - coming soon), was the original painting "Love is all around", I just love the concept and composition of it. Lisa Viger sells both original paintings and prints, which can be found in her Etsy shop: . She is a remarkable artist with remarkable work. With no doubt, her work is a treat to the eyes and the child within us all.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back! (With updates and changes!)

So I'm back from holidays, and done reorganizing my life again...acutally, I was back a while ago, but it takes time to get out of the holiday mood and back into a routine I think.

Update #1: I just uploaded a new banner / avator to my store yesterday evening to replace the holiday one. I really like this new banner, and I'm actually thinking about bringing it over to this blog and replacing the one here.

Update #2: I posted a new painting last night as well. Since Valentine's Day is approaching, it's themed on that.

Update #3: I will soon, very soon, be posting a series of Valentine cards based on previous paintings that I've done. They'll be sold in sets of 3 and 6, with the three designs that I feel suited for Valentine's Day, so be sure to check back for those in a few days, and possibly even today!

Update #4: One of my paintings was used in Wish Magazine for an article - I'm published now!!!! It's so exciting! I did the painting way way back in September, and it came out for January. It might be off the new stands now, but I'll try to scan it in for a future blog story :)