Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back! (With updates and changes!)

So I'm back from holidays, and done reorganizing my life again...acutally, I was back a while ago, but it takes time to get out of the holiday mood and back into a routine I think.

Update #1: I just uploaded a new banner / avator to my store yesterday evening to replace the holiday one. I really like this new banner, and I'm actually thinking about bringing it over to this blog and replacing the one here.

Update #2: I posted a new painting last night as well. Since Valentine's Day is approaching, it's themed on that.

Update #3: I will soon, very soon, be posting a series of Valentine cards based on previous paintings that I've done. They'll be sold in sets of 3 and 6, with the three designs that I feel suited for Valentine's Day, so be sure to check back for those in a few days, and possibly even today!

Update #4: One of my paintings was used in Wish Magazine for an article - I'm published now!!!! It's so exciting! I did the painting way way back in September, and it came out for January. It might be off the new stands now, but I'll try to scan it in for a future blog story :)


Contrariwise said...

I like your new painting. The branch with the word "love" is such a nice touch. (It would make a GREAT Valentines Day card, too. I'll look forward to seeing those cards in your store soon!)

Lorelei said...

Welcome back!!
I love the new painting! Very Cute! And congrats on getting into print! That's awesome!
I'm going to check out your shop now!