Monday, December 17, 2007

Etsy Feature: Sofia Masri

Today's feature is Sofia Masri from Etsy, a lovely vintage porcelain artist from Mexico City. She has also been featured (currently) by Etsy as their Featured Seller, and it's not hard to see why! Sofia's work is gorgeous! Her work combines complex patterns with with the simplicity of porcelain shapes to create gorgeous, chic, sophisticated pieces.

She sells both earrings and necklaces in her online store, and to make it even better, 10% of proceeds this month are put towards the International Medical Corps. The benefiting charity changes each month, such a kind, selfless seller!
I really enjoy how Sofia combines her porcelain pieces with beads and gemstones. It's such a perfect match! I've actually just set up a custom order with her for a pair for her "Snowy Branch Drops" earrings, as seen above. On them, they have one of my favourite types of beads, labradorite. I love Etsy artists who agree to do custom work, and I can't wait to receive these earrings. They are perfect for the winter, and will match with so many of my outfits!

Another one of my favourites from her store are the "Tiny Tree Post" earrings. I adore green and pink together!

Sofia also has another Etsy store, Poopsie, where she sells a fun, bright and colourful mix of porcelain jewelry - she has something to offer for everyone!


Amanda said...

OOooh, pretty earrings! I LOVE labradorite ~ I keep meaning to invest in some stones and make myself something!!

Amanda said...

Ok, that was me... the joys of owning more than one email account.. :P