Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Business Cards (soon)

See that up there...that's my new business card :)

I ran out a while back, and it's not that I was slow in getting new ones. I wanted a redesign, and so they had to wait until I could think out what I wanted on my card. It's definitely more organized then my original card (I think so anyways...), and a little more "professional" looking. My other card just seems all over the place compared to this one.

My old one also had a couple web addresses, and an e-mail address - which looking back on, I think was just too much. My main web page, www.artbyangie.ca, directs to all those places, so why not just put just that one?

I decided to still include my e-mail address (after much thought), with the idea, that if ever my website is down, or forever reason stops 'existing', then there's still a way to contact me. And I know, I know...I don't use my 'common' / slang name for my 'name'. I just like using my birth name, Angela, instead of my slang name, Angie for things like this. (artbyangela.ca just didn't have the same ring as artbyangie though hehe).

The card is also going to have rounded corners, I think. I love rounded corners. It will be going to the printers tomorrow, so I'll sleep about rounded corners, and see in the morning :)


Anonymous said...

I think its very creative and beautiful. What a talented young lady

Little White Dove said...

It looks lovely! Rounded corners will look great with the "jellybean" tree. Love your stuff!

Jess said...

I love the design! Where did you have them printed? I've never seen business cards come with rounded edges...

Amanda said...

These are so nice! I love the design! :)

IvaArt said...

Love it!
Great job.
This reminds me I should be working on mine.