Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Follow the Yellow Brick Road! crazy busy week is finally over (only to start up again this weekend boooooo). But I did get some artwork done! I painted a cute little ACEO, and a Christmas card - I'll be listing the Christmas card later, because I forgot the paper with the size / paper type stats at home :o(

My friend's blog also reminded me that Halloween is coming up - I'm going to be Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz! I'm sooo excited! And I have the perfect super cute red shoes to finish the costume!..

♥ Angie

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Amanda said...

:) Thanks for linking me! And copying me :P ~ back in high school a bunch of us got together and did the whole Oz crew, and I was Dorothy! Tara was the wicked witch though, so I didn't wear the red slippers. I hope you have a cute little basket and doggy! :) Have a blast, and make sure to post pictures somewhere!