Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Etsy Feature: Bee's Knees Studio Shop

I found today's Etsy feature while I was randomly browsing the Treasuries - right after the got back up and running - Yippie to Admin! :o)

Anyways, Bee's Knees Studio Shop is run by Erica Vess - with the help and company of her boyfriend, Ryan, and their two kitties: Murdock and Enid. All of this creativeness happens in Richmond, CA.Erica's prints are gorgeous, and there's something for everyone in her store. She has cute, Children's art prints for the younger generation or those who will always be young at heart. She also carries a line of 'sophisticated' art prints, geared more towards the fine art side - oh which the Sea Tendrils and Filigree Ginkgo are my two favorite sets.

Erica also has a blog, and a website: BeesKneesStudio.com

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