Thursday, October 18, 2007

When Harry Met Sally

I just posted a new painting today - "When Harry Met Sally" It's by far one of my favourites so far, just from what it represents:
I've also recently engaged in a trade with lorelei1141 @ Etsy, and I ended up with this gorgeous bracelet. I can't wait to get it in the mail!!! :o)

Also, I recently purchased some yummy soap, from soapalooza , which I also can't wait to get!

I'll think I'll be hounding the post office for the these soon in a couple days - I love getting things in the mail!

♥ Angie


tootsiegrace said...

What a beautiful bracelet!!

LoriEurto said...

Hi Angie!
Yay! I'm featured on my first blog! You rock sista!

Thanks Tootiegrace for the compliment. I just listed another one in my etsy shop.

Skully said...

I adore your trees. The colours never fail to make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is beautiful. Thanks for your help on blogging on Etsy!

Amanda said...

There: I just updated for you, snooper! :P (haha, like I don't creep on your shop, site, facebook and blog every day!) LOVE that bracelet ~ and that you called comments polka dots. Haha