Tuesday, October 30, 2007

HTML Goddess

Well, maybe not quite the goddess of HTML; but I do surprise myself with that I can do with trial and error. It's not like I did anything major either...I just made my table wider because I didn't like it so contained....I like to stttrreettcch things out a little tee heee. I'm not completely done either. Because of my little blog stretch, I have to adjust my banner - but I'm on a computer at work that doesn't do that. *sigh* Oh well,.....I guess it'll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh, and I've added a new section to my blog on the right (-->>). I've come across so many wonderful Indie sites and blogs, and just cute dyi places. So I thought that I'd spread the love and make a "Sites That I've Grown to Love" section for them. (It's also makes it easy for me to check them on different computers where I don't have them bookmarked; a little love for you and a little love for me hee hee).

I got my soaps and bracelets in the mail this past week from Etsy as well.

My bracelet was by lorelei1141. It's so lovely....I'm wearing it right now as I type hee hee. Her shop whole shop is very lovely as well :o)

I also got my soap from soapalooza. It's a very nice size, and smells delicious - I almost want to eat it!! It bubbles up (suds up in technical, non-cutesy terms) very well too. I'm very happy with my choice to replace my store bought body wash with yummy homemade soap.

Both of them came wrapped up all pretty. It was like getting presents in the mail! And now, who doesn't like that?! :o)

Psst....I have an amazing Etsy feature coming up - I'm just waiting for the seller to convo me back with the ok-go-ahead. So check back, because I'm dying to share it with you!!!

♥ Angie