Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jellybeans is Moving!

I'm moving! I'm currently in London, Ontario - and I'll be moving to Sudbury, Ontario to continue my education at Cambrian college. The "big" move will be on the 24th.

That's my trip there - in a nutshell - mapquest says that it'll take almost 8 hours - but with holiday traffic, I'm expecting it to take a little longer. I'll be stopping in Verner for a day or so - with my parents, just after North Bay - and then continuing on.

I'm not sure if Oreo quite knows what's going on - he's just enjoying playing with the boxes right now. It will be a hard week for him. He travels fairly well - no throwing up or anything; he just meows (bawls) alot.

I'll still be shipping this whole time. Responses to conversations may be delayed, but shipping will not :)


renée bédard said...

How funny things work out. I read your blog all the time, but only just now realized for some bizarro reason that "polka dots" was your comments section. I just moved to London from Peterborough and was going to contact you about buying some are from you because you would be nearby. Now you moved up to Sudbury. I grew up in North Bay, but I am a member of Dokis First Nation Reserve near Verner. My father's side of the family - his ancestors - were some of the founding families of Verner where your parents are. Somewhere along the way his family moved to North Bay. All very strange coincidence. I think it is funny that our paths didn't get a chance to cross. I am teaching at University of Western this fall (your old school) and you now move on to Cambrian college. Watch I will get a job in sudbury next...hehehe. I guess i will have to rely on your etsy shop to buy your art. Good luck with your school and wonderful art. Renee B.

kelly.dee said...

If you get tired, say around the Toronto area, you should pop in and see me! :P