Friday, May 16, 2008

Etsy Love: Andy Mathis

Today's feature is Andy Mathis, at Etsy. Also a veterinarian, his pieces of animals are stunning! I'm also memorized by his technique, it's very identifying and gorgeous. He works with watercolors, but I'm not quite sure how to get the paintings he does.

My Favourite pieces would definitely have to be his animal pieces, although his still life work is equally as stunning.

From top left to bottom right: Grey Tabby Cat, print; Retriever Puppy, print; 3 Red Pears, print; Green Apples, print.

Andy also has a blog: where he writes about the goings of his life and work. What I feel makes his blog especially valuable, is that he posts about animals in his clinic that need new homes. Having adopted my sweetpea kitty, Oreo, who was abandoned and then picked up - I especially know how much orphan kitties need new homes and love. Oreo sat in his shelter for over 3 months, sigh, he's the most precious kitty ever - with quite the human personality, but he was an adult and not a kitten - and not many people take up an adult over a kitten; especially not a long haired adult.

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