Saturday, May 31, 2008


It's been a pretty nice weekend so far - a wonderful thunderstorm this afternoon, so now outside smells so refreshing! Lots of painting has been done, and lots still to go! I have some commissions to get done, as well as some works for the shop. (Ps: huge update this week! Keep checking the store, because items will be listed throughout the week)

My little plants started growing inside - they're pepper plants, I hope they reach to the point of producing peppers. My garden outside has taken another hit from the Squirrels....I was suggested to try bone meal, so I'll be getting some of that later this weekend, and replanting my beans and carrots. Don't they look just gorgeous peaking out of the soil?

Lastly, my brand-spankin' new art easel came in this week! It's all set up pretty in my room right now, and I'm already using it:


Amanda said...

Ooh, good luck with your garden! I'm jealous ~ I so wish I didn't live on the 7th floor, facing due north... nothing grows (never mind there's no ground to grow anything in)!

Karma by Morgan said...

i love your paintings! i am hearting you immediately :)

Jen said...

beautiful new easel! congrats

Anonymous said...

You already know I'm envious of your easel! :)

I have pepper plants growing as well. I hope you can get the squirrels to leave yours alone!