Friday, May 23, 2008

Toronto Time!

I'm off to for the weekend (better known as wonderful Toronto)!

The most I've ever been to Toronto is to take the bus and transfer there. So this is the first time I'm actually visiting it! Yes, I know major sheltered life here. Plans are: Jays Game, Birthday Bash, Wedding, and then either the Royal Ontario Museum or the Hockey Hall of Fame (fingers crossed for dinosaurs!). I'm positive fun will be had at all! It's also my hunny's birthday this weekend too! So the trip is a semi-celebration for him :) I have the best gift for him! I wish I could post it now...but it's got to wait. I'm not sure if he checks here, and I don't want to ruin the surprise!

I'll be back Sunday night or Monday morning...I'm not sure what the computer access situation is - so lets just assume the worse; complete inability to access Etsy. This is going to be hard!

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Amanda said...

Oooh! Have fun! I've been planning on doing a day trip to TO soon too ~ do some shopping and sight seeing. I too have lived a sheltered life! :P