Monday, April 18, 2011

Herb Gardens, Jungles, Pink Forest and Bunnies

Just a little painting update to share with everyone :) I've been working on integrating animals into my paintings more, trying to create some more realistic watercolour paintings and lastly using some light collage techniques in my work. "In the Jungle" - 12x16" watercolour

I've always wanted to put some jungle animals into my trees - it was just trying to figure out the best tree to put them in. I think the trunk here works well. "Thyme" - 7x10" watercolor

Here was my attempt to work with the 'botanical' sort of watercolour piece. It's not completely 100% realistic, but it still has some artistic expression in it, which I think is important in a piece."Spring Bunnies" - 7x10" watercolor

This will be my favourite of this update. I think the collaged piece of paper is just so different from my other pieces, and fully represents spring perfectly! Plus, you have to love sleeping bunnies.


Joyce said...

omg love the spring bunnies one!!!

nanditark said...

love the ''pink jungle'' and the hanging monkey over the lion...!!!