Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kitty's and Ribbon

Kitty's and ribbon don't mix. And hence, Christmas and Kitty's don't mix. My kitty, Oreo has recently showed an interest in ribbon (fabric, not plastic kind; thankfully!)...and so I would play with him with pieces of it, but I always put it away after.

Anyways, so we were playing last night and I turned my head for not even two seconds, and when I looked back again, the ribbon that was almost two feet long only had 2 inches left....The silly cat ate the whole ribbon in record time!!!!! He looked so proud of himself too! Grrr.

So I called me mom and looked around online. It can go bad; but I've read that most cases it passes - or they throw it up; so he'll likely be ok - I just have to watch him carefully. It's fabric, not the plastic kind of Christmas ribbon so hopefully he'll be ok.

He looked fine when I left for classes this morning, so hopefully he'll still look the same tonight. :( Fingers crossed.

That's the last time dear kitty gets to play with ribbon.


ReeesaT said...

I hope your kitty is okay!

paintedskywoman said...

My cats do that as well and as soon as they are caught they run away before I can even assess the damage. They are always okay. Cats pass pretty much everything. They are tough little creatures.

How is the far north? I miss northern Ontario. Is there lots of snow up there? Down here in London there is a few centimeters on the ground, but it will probably melt as soon as there is a sunny day.

SapphireChild said...

That's scary! Hopefully he'll be ok, the worst problems occur with thread and smaller things that can get tangled up. If this is the fat kind of ribbon I'd like to think he's got a better chance of passing it without a stricture. But when that sort of thing goes bad it goes bad very fast. So keep a close eye on him.