Monday, November 24, 2008

Let it snow, Let it snow...

It really snowed today...the not going to melt until spring-sort of snow (hopefully, fingers crossed). I love the little snowflakes, and I knew I'd find some lovely snowflake-themed pieces on Etsy, so on I searched and this is what I found and loved!

These Schneeflocke Crystal and Sterling Earrings, by StoneyMistDesigns are so sparkly and pretty.

These precious Snowflake Soaps by anniepoo, are scented in a refreshing 'Fresh Snow' scent. Mmm, nothing smells better than snowfall.

These Antique Snowflake letterpressed greeting cards by subtleglances are sure to make an impression on their recipients. The design of this card is simply beautiful, not to mention the texture.

This lovely piece of art, Snow Covered Roof, by thecyclingartist is exactly how it will look when I look outside tomorrow morning (I'm in an apartment, so I see a lot of roofs).

Hopefully it's going to be a frosty, snowy morning tomorrow!

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