Monday, November 10, 2008

Everyone Likes Variety!

My hunny and my mom made it clear to me, that people like variety, and suggested that I make a mixed pack of cards - why didn't I think of that before? (It's always the obvious things that sneak past me lol)

So, I just listed the variety pack! I think I'm going to redo the pictures, but I need some sunlight for it and the was overcast and snowy today - and Christmas is getting closer by the days! I'll list now, so it's there, and fix when the sun is on my side :)

I definitely think when I redo the pictures for this listing: the red Christmas tree will not be so's taking over the picture! hehe.


Brownies Vintage said...

Mixed packs are a great idea! I'm sure they will be a hit this holiday season :)

Treasures by Tina said...

Those are really cute! I predict the new variety set is gonna be really popular. :)

ChichiBoulie said...

Lovely as always!

Bagladee said...

they look fab!!!