Saturday, November 22, 2008


I decided - on a whim, of course - that I was going to get back into journaling. I have books filled from high school and from my early university years. I love going back and reading what silly things I did and thought. I had been looking for a journal for awhile. I had it narrowed down to a moleskine style of journal. They're nice and thin (easy to throw in a bag somewhere), stylish and I could either decorate my own or purchase a decorated one.

Since I had a good week on Etsy, I thought my first one I would 'splurge' a little, and get a predesigned moleskine as a treat to myself. I had seen shoofly's moleskines before and really liked it was just choosing a size, design and paper type (they come in blank, lined and graph)

I was also swamped in tests and assignments this week (hence my absence from my blog) so this is a good reward for all my hard work.

I really liked the design of this notebook, it's really cute. I choose the large size mostly just because the extra large was too big, and the small was too small. Plain paper of course so that I can other journals were always lined, I think I'm going to like not having that restriction. Although, I was tempted to try the graph paper moleskines - they would be interesting to work in!

Now, I just have to wait....wait....wait for the postman to bring me my journal :)

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Amanda said...

I LOVE JOURNAL / NOTEBOOKS!! I still keep a journal, though i write in it way less than i used to. i'm almost done this one i've been writing in for over a year... can't wait to get a new one - an etsy one! :D

i like to have both a lined and blank journal. one for writing, one for whatever... i made myself the blank one since i intended to really wreck it. :D