Friday, June 20, 2008

Little Artists!

I was approached a while back by an art teacher who was going to be teaching monochormatic color and dot use to her class, and used my artworks as examples - I was so thrilled, excited and honored to see what her little artists would come up with.

She sent me a blurb for me to include in this blog:

"Second grade students at Rosewood International Elementary School in Rock Hill, South Carolina created paintings in the style of Angie! Students learned about monochromatic colors as well as other artists who used dots in their paintings like George Seurat, Roy Lichtenstein, and Aboriginal dot art to compare and contrast these fine artists in a class discussion. Second graders had a wonderful experience painting their dot trees while listening to music because we found out that Angie loves to listen to music while she paints. Here is our website if you would like to see more "

Christen Phifer,
Art InstructorRosewood International Elementary
Rock Hill, SC

They did lovely work and you should defiantly check them out! I've only included a very small sample of what they created. Young minds always create the most precious pieces :)


jkziel said...

how incredibly precious! I love them.

chriphi said...

Thank you Angie! My students will be thrilled you included them in your blog! It is so great to be able to talk with an artist working today. So often students learn about artists from the past but I find connecting with artists of the present can achieve more of an authentic understanding in the arts. I wish you much luck with your studies and hope you have time for some fun this summer! We look forward to seeing what beautiful art you create in the future!