Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Etsy Love: Jessica Gonacha

I discovered today's featured and loved artist, Jessica Goncha, originally on Trunkt, but as I went through her portfolio web site, I realized that she was also on Etsy and so I absolutely had to make a post on her work!

Jessica, based in Atlanta, uses a variety of mediums to create her pieces, including (but I'm sure not limited to) use of India ink, lino cut block printing, gocco print, acrylic, collage and some digital. I can just image that her original pieces are full of wonderful textures.

Although these are not available in her Etsy store, Jessica also creates tables - which are my favorite of all her work - spectacular detail and wonderful color.


jess gonacha said...

thank you for writing about my work! i'm so honored. :) i've admired your work on Trunkt for quite some time. THANK YOU!!

Walk in the Woods said...

Nice find - thanks for sharing it with us all!