Friday, June 6, 2008

Weekend Project: Recipe Book!

On my way from the gym during my lunch break, I went past the on campus book store and had the most brilliant idea!

I'm going to compile all my recipes that I have tested, tried and loved into a blank hardcover lab book.

Thus, the result of this will be: recycling all the magazines that I am keeping solely for the recipes in them and I will not spend forever sorting through said magazines looking for a recipe. As well, I will have a recipe book of filled with stuff that I will actually eat - and it will look super cool! I have thought about using cards before, and have tried to get into the habit, but cards just don't have enough space for me, and once I use more then one cards then things get messy and disorganized. Pictures shall follow this weekend as I start working on it :)

I'm pretty excited :)

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kelly.dee said...

Best. Idea. Ever.