Friday, June 20, 2008

Etsy Love: Geninne

Today's feature is lovely Geninne from Etsy, based in Mexico City. Her mixed media pieces are truly unique, my favourite bring her series if birds perched on various forms of writing materials, such as postcards - known as her "20 birds" series.

Top left to bottom right: 17/20 print, 19/20 print, 7/20 Print, and 11/20 print

My favourite print is, by far, #17 of the series of 20. Her attention to detail on the pieces is remarkable, and her colour choices suit this series very well, connecting them all together. Hurry to get these beautiful prints, as only 50 of each are printed!

Geninne also has a lovely blog:

1 comment:

Geninne said...

Oh! I'm honored... thank you so much for your generosity :) You made my day!