Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Surprise Revealed!

So I decided to list the series that I've been working on, got a little side tracked on (with the arrival of my new easel, graduation and trip home), and now I'm finally posting them!

"Bohemian Love" - 9 x 12" watercolor original painting

They're a series of three paintings based on the Bohemian Revolution (as presented in one of my favourite movies, Moulin Rouge). The three paintings follow the themes of: Love, Truth and Freedom. Tomorrow I'll be posting the other two :)

Also, in my dabbling, I created this painting:

I really like it, and it's the first painting completed on my art easel. It's tons of layers of beautiful blues. It looks so much better in person, brighter with more depth. So I will be working on getting a better photo of it (maybe I'll try outside), and then posting it on Etsy (my artbyangie store)


ChichiBoulie said...

That's lovely. I really love your work and the colours. Vibrant!

Zsuzsi ├ęs Anna said...

I love the love one! Great work!

Amanda said...

I finally get to see the whole series! :) Great job ~ they turned out really well!