Monday, June 9, 2008

Etsy Love: modernradar

Today's feature is modernradar - who's cards have been in my favorites for some time now; I can't even remember where I discovered this lovely Etsian - it could have been Pounce, or the front page, or just a random browsing day....who knows! hehe.

I think the Odd flora card would have to be my favorite - I adore ink on kraft-ish paper (chipboard in this instance I think)

Anyways, modernradar, aka Tamara and Daniel based in Durham, NC; has found such a wonderful little 'niche' in terms of their design style. I would call it eco-modern-chic; if that even is a term (but I put it with dashes, so it can't be wrong! Just not necessarily right...)

Modernradar also has a website and a blog