Monday, April 21, 2008

Brooch Addiction

I have found lately, that I am immensely drawn to all the cute little brooches on Etsy. I feel an addiction coming on.... You can find all these in my favourites, but I'm putting them here as well :)

Top left to bottom right: Felt and Cotton Fabric Flower Brooch, by Whimsy House; Colorful Brooch in Pink and Turquoise, by FromHollandWithLove; It's a brooch, no it's a pendant; by lwhelan; Reproduction Vintage Flower Brooch, by LilyBeFunky.

I love the bright colours of all of these brooches....LilyBeFunky's brooch is the one that started this obsession actually - I found her through Chat :)

Top left to bottom right: White Orchid Brooch, by lupin; Recycled silk and demin corsage, by clothcat; Brassbird Brooch, by ShereDesign; Large white sakura brooch, by cremetangerine.

I think my sudden obsession with them stems from the fact that they go with pretty much anything....and they can change any outfit up - they are the perfect accessory, especially for the soon to come summer time!


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ei! kumpel said...

I'm a brooch addicted too!! I make them and then I want to keep them all :)