Sunday, March 29, 2009

Things I have bought (probably shoudn't have) but couldn't resist...

Well. I would like to say, the title says it all. And if it doesn't, the painting emphasizes my reasoning. I've a self-proclaimed addict to bath products. But, in all fairness: a good smelly, bubbly bath cleanses all the stresses away on a busy or bad day.

So, now I shall share with you my most recent bath-time purchases (I honestly think I'm not doing so bad, it's only two purchases lol).
Cucumber Melon Bubbling Bath Salts from theivorymagnolia

I also purchased these bath salts in their Lavendar scent as well - perfect for a before-bed-bubble-bath. Hrm, I quite like that line...

I also purchased some bath bombs from layla!

5 ounce watermelon bathbomb

I also purchased two of her other scents: 'Forget me nots' and 'Lily of the Valley'

I can't wait to get these goodies in the mail! The bubbling bath salts should be arriving soon, since I ordered them a while back. And then, the bath bombs will arrive later, since they were just ordered today. Both of these store owners were wonderful too!

I'm going to be the most relaxed, best smelling person. Ever. Yea for me!


TheClayMuse said...

Hahahah.. this line "I'm going to be the most relaxed, best smelling person. Ever. Yea for me!
" made me giggle so hard I snarfed Mtn. Dew!
Now I want to take a fizzy bubble bath!

Amanda said...

oooooh, BUBBLING salts!!! now i'm tempted to make a purchase i dont reallllllly need!