Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whimsical Jewelry

I stumbled upon heatherberry's store the other day, and I absolutely love her jewelry. It's so whimsical and girly and beautiful! Her photography captures her pieces so artfully!

These earrings would have to be my favorite from the large collection in her shop. I adore the little pearl that she includes with the lily pads, and it's such a stunning contrast of antiqued metal to smooth, crisp pearl.

A. Boleyn Necklace - heatherberry

The name of this necklace original attracted me. I loved the Boleyn books by Philippa Gregory, and so I had to take a better look at this listing! The colors are set together in a perfect way, with a girly-women vibe to them. The bird charm and the way that the beaded details stream from the bird are wonderful.


Heather said...

Wow. That Jewelry is absolutely gorgeous! And decent prices too!!

nuvonova said...


I adore that green finish on jewellery too, I've forgotten what it's called now though! ... Vert de gris or something!

Cindy and Mindy said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Not sure which one I would pick to be my favorite. Love them both.