Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I wanted to create a piece this year for Earth Day (April 22). I felt that we're all connected to the Earth in various ways, like the roots of a tree grows and integrates itself with the ground. So, we have to keep the earth healthy and happy to keep ourselves healthy and happy. And why shouldn't we treat the earth to some love - it gives us so much back!

I thought that the roots would be the most difficult to convey, but they ended up being the most fun part of this particular piece. The roots just effortlessly flowed and I didn't have to 'fight' with my paint brush to make it go certain ways. It was actually quite an organic moment.

You'll probably be seeing this painting in my blog again come Earth Day :)

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Jennifer said...

This is beautiful! I love drawing roots (agree they can be challenging to convey) and images of roots are really grounding.